Corruption-CLO Threatens Mass Protest

By Yemisi Izuora-Lagos

nigeria police

The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) has warned government that it will no longer tolerate abuse of office, looting of public treasury and non regard to rule of law which are major characteristics of the present administration.

The CLO said it will mobilise the masses to protest lack of transparency, collapse of social infrastructure, extra-judicial execution of innocent Nigerians by the police, un-employment, abject poverty, decay of social institutions and persistent security challenges.

‘The Civil Liberties Organisation has watched with agony, how some politicians have, without conscience, plundered our patrimony and squandered our resource. Agents of global imperialism and neo-liberalism preside over the siphoning of our common resources to serve the interest of both local and international capitalism. As one of the richest countries in the world, Nigeria parades some of the poorest and hungriest citizens in the globe today with lack of social services, including persistent inability to supply basic energy and potable water’ comrade Igho Akeregha, interim president of the organisation said in a text of speech he delivered today in Lagos.

Akeregha who addressed the media on the state of the nation, observed that in the last 15 years Nigeria and her citizens have been subjected to mass unemployment, shameless looting and rampant corruption.

He said the organisation has in its custody reports of horrible human rights situation in the country, including but not limited to how families have been dismembered because of socioeconomic pressures, how house wives have against their wishes become prostitutes in order to provide for their families and how young men have been forced to take to armed robbery, kidnapping, fraud, and other anti-social crimes by the disturbing economic crises.

The president noted since 1999 cases of insecurity, loss of life and property have increased while corruption, executive impunity and lawlessness have become the most worrisome challenges confronting the country.

‘We frown especially at the manner elected officials disregard the electorate by carpet crossing without any concern about their support base. We see the situation where sitting governors or legislators decamp at will and maintain their sits after the ignominious deeds as an abuse of process and as acts of utter disregard for the populace’ he remarked.

The CLO accused the Nigerian police of torture, extra-judicial killing and replicating torture chambers at police formations across the nation.

He therefore warned that the CLO will not hesitate to take to the streets if the identified problems are not addressed henceforth.

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