Air Traffic control :Key To Safety, Economic Management… Senator Na Allah

Stephen Gerard

Senator Bala Ibn Na Allah has identified the role of Air Traffic Controllers ATC in Nigeria as the key to safety and economic management.

Speaking in Abuja during the weekend at the presentation of a book titled ‘The Air Traffic Controllers’ Senator Na Allah said the role of the ATC can not be ignored considering the pivotal role played before, during and after any flight.

According to Senator Na Allah, Nigerians will soon start acknowledging the importance of the ATC in the country adding that in few years from now that many Nigerians will embrace flying as it remained the fastest and safest.

He urged Nigerians to accord the ATC their necessary position with regards to the role they play.

While commending the author for writing the book, Senator Na Allah noted that many people were scared in writing about aviation as a result of the technicalities involved.

Reviewing the book, Professor Rebecca Ndana of the Biological sciences University of Abuja, said the book was timely as little or nothing was known about the ATC.

Prof. Ndana said the book will be a guide for every citizen on the role of the ATC stressing that the ATC ought to be paid more than any other worker in the country considering their roles.

She recommended the book to all in the chain of service delivery in the airline industry stressing the need for the introduction of ATC in the curriculum of schools in the country to educate them on their activities.

Gideon Gaza, the author of the book said he was inspired to write the book base on the perception by the public about the ATC.

Gaza explained that as an ATC, that he has been humiliated several times by the public as a result of ignorance of their knowledge about the profession.

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