Almond Productions Debut at BCOS Ibadan

Almond Productions Limited, producers of Almond Finance and Wealth Report on television and Wetin Insurance Dey Do Sef on Radio is expanding their viewership strength to IBADAN and environs. The thirty minutes recorded programme that chronicles major events and happenings in the financial services sector of the nation’s economy with special focus on insurance reportage given the low awareness and penetration levels of insurance in the country also x-rays topical issues as they unfold through personality interviews in a No-Holds-Barred session.

In a press release signed by the chief executive officer of the company Ms. Faith Ughwode said that the programme is set to hit BCOS TV from February 14th 2016. The choice of BCOS according to her is the reach and clarity of its signal in IBADAN and environs. People easily access the station’s signal in their homes and offices even without antenna. This has made BCOS the station of choice for residents. For us as a production firm, quality is what we stand for hence we are constantly on the lookout for television stations with qualitative transmission to partner with nationwide.
Meanwhile, the interview segment of the programme has been re-branded. The new segment called Insurance Town hall  will bring together experts from within and outside the insurance industry to discuss topical issues as they unfold. All these innovations are aimed at increasing insurance awareness and by extension deepen penetration in the country. At Almond Productions, we believe that the future of the insurance market is in retail business especially now that the Nigerian economy is standing shakily on one leg with the plunge in global oil prices.

The retail market can only be developed when people get information on the workings and benefits of insurance. This is why we are taking our programme to Ibadan and environs so that people can visually see and hear what is happening in the insurance industry every week. For operators who wants to pursue retail business this year, our platform will provide their brand the needed visibility through partnership with us.

With the current state of the economy, people are anxious about their tomorrow and insurers must educate the insuring public on why they need insurance now more than ever before as they go about their daily businesses because the essence of insurance is to remove anxiety knowing that should the unexpected happen in the cause of daily hustle and bustle insurance will come to their rescue.

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