Report: LNG Tanker Violates Safety Rules

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The 2017-built LNG tanker Boris Vilkitsky, owned by Dynagas Holdings, violated a number of safety rules by entering the Northern Sea Route (NSR) with deficiencies, World Maritime News has indicated.

 Namely, the 96,958 dwt ice class tanker, which transports gas from Russia’s Yamal LNG project, entered the NSR while en route to the port of Sabetta with inoperative stern thrusters and port steering column, the country’s Northern Sea Route Administration (NSRA) informed.

 According to the report, Due to the malfunction, the vessel was no longer in line with the minimum thrust requirements set forth by the Russian Maritime Register to be classified as an Arc7 vessel. With the reduced engine power, it only met the requirements for the ice class Arc4, which are prohibited from navigating alone or under the guidance of an icebreaker in the Kara Sea in medium or heavy ice conditions.

A report by the certification agency Bureau Veritas also showed that the ship suffered the malfunction on or before March 30. At the time, the unit was on its way to Sabetta from Rotterdam, VesselsValue data indicates. After arriving at Sabetta, the tanker loaded an LNG shipment and in mid-April continued its voyage toward the French port of Montoir, where it was scheduled to arrive in early May.

Media reports suggest that the unit is currently anchored off Sabetta, possibly detained, and would probably make a return voyage, a WWF International spokesperson was cited as saying.

The LNG tanker, which is deployed under a long-term charter contract serving the Yamal LNG project, also violated the Rule 19 of the Rules of Navigation, as its master failed to notify the NRSA of the time, coordinates, track, and speed of the vessel when it entered the waters of the NSRA.

Source- World Maritime News

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