Nigeria Needs Restructuring Not Herdsmen Radio Station- Sen. Sani

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Joseph Bakare 

Senator Shehu Sani, has dismissed explanations that creation of a radio station for herdsmen, would resolve the problems besieging the country from herdsmen and others.

Sani representing Kaduna central, who made his view known through his twitter handle @ShehuSani on Saturday, said the suggestion of a radio station or death sentence for herdsmen will not help the insecurity ravaging Nigeria but instead, the country was in dire need of quick restructuring at both political and economic levels.

He implored President Muhammadu Buhari to consider the result of the 2014 conference and implement it for these problems to be resolved.

“Death sentence and radio station for the Fulanis will not fully and permanently address the crisis we face as a nation today; We must restructure this nation politically and economically in line with recommendations of the past conferences reports, now eaten by termites in our shelves”, Senator Sani said.

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) while reacting to the criticism of the planned radio station by the Federal Government said that the National Commission for Nomadic Education duly applied for a broadcast license to develop and maintain nomadic education outreach programmes, including electronically-mediated ones.

The commission also added that the radio station is not to serve a particular group only.

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