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The Aviation Ministry’s followership on the social media has gained tremendous increase, since the launch of the Passengers Service Portal in December by Osita Chidoka, Minister of Aviation.

A significant record was set within a month as Twitterfollowers increased, from 29 to 28,439 while the number of Facebook followers moved from 683 to 72,108.

This is as a result of the positive response from airport users and the general public on the need to engage the social media,  not only to communicate and receive up to date information about happenings in the industry, but  also as a medium through which their grievances, inquiries, complaints and suggestions can be  channelled to the appropriate aviation authorities for swift actions and feedback, according to Yakubu Dati, general manager corporate affairs of FAAN.

In the same vein, the launch of the Aviation Customer Help-Line (07000111111) has created a platform for customer satisfaction in conformity with global standards. Over 1000 calls were received since the platform was launched, ranging from inquiries complaints, suggestions to appreciation.

Unlike what it used to be, where airport users must get to the airport before they could get important  information about their travels, the new initiative  in the aviation industry enables customers to  access information from the comfort of their homes. Customers can now log on to the Aviation Portal ( to compare fares, check safety records of airlines, weather forecast, online aviation forum, industry news, view airline rating, book a flight and getAviation Commit update.  

Airport users and the general public are encouraged to also explore this opportunity on the social media by liking Federal Ministry of Aviation on Facebook and following twitter@FederalMinistryofAviation on Twitter. 

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