3 Suspects Who Killed Man 73, Arrested By Amotekun Operatives

Amotekun parades three suspected human parts dealers [PHOTOS] - Daily Post  Nigeria

Richard Ginika Izuora

Three suspected who allegedly killed a 73 year old man identified as Adebisi Adeniyi, for money have been arrested by operatives of Amotekun in Oyo State on Tuesday.

The suspects were paraded before journalists on Tuesday at the headquarters of Amotekun corps in Ibadan by the Deputy Commandant of Amotekun in the stage, Mr Babalola Akinro.

The suspects: Ismail Muraina; Olalekan Muhideen and Abdurasheed Olanrewaju told journalists on Tuesday how the victim was kidnapped along Amuloko-Akanran road on Sunday and was slaughtered.

Ismail said Olanrewaju needed a human head for money rituals and contacted him and that he was given N35,000 to get the head.

In turn and in order to actualise the plan, he contacted Muhideen who brought a live human being instead of a head.

He narrated how the victim was pinned down by the three of them and how Muhideen used one hand to hold the man by the neck and used the other hand to slaughter him.

He said the two of them were afraid of killing the victim initially but said when Muhideen came in and hypnotised them, they joined him without asking questions.

He said, ” I was scared when he brought the man but when he came, I believe he used charm to talk to us, we obeyed him. I held the legs of the man; Alfa held his head and Muhideen slaughtered him.”

Muhideen also confessed that he hypnotised the victim at around Amuloko area and asked him to join him in a tricycle.

He said, ” After beheading the man, I gave that man the head and I carried the headless body to the back of where I live and buried it there.

” But a woman saw the fresh grave and suspected that it could be a grave. She confronted me and I told her that I buried somebody there. She informed others and that was how I was arrested.”

The headless body of 73-year-old victim which was wrapped in a bed sheet was brought to the Amotekun office as evidence. The corpse has started decomposing by the time it was brought on Tuesday.

Olanrewaju, who also confessed that he was the one that wanted to use the head for ritual said he was given the head which he took to his home and burnt it in a pot.

He was also brought to the station with the ashes of the victim’s head inside a black pot.

He said, ” I told them that I needed a head and not a live human being. After killing the man, they gave me the head and I took it home and started burning it. What remains of the head is here in the pot.”

One of the distraught children of the septuagenarian victim, Mrs Olufunke Olaosun, described Muhideen as a relative.

She said Muhideen called her father to come and meet him somewhere to collect the money he was being owed but he was killed.

She said the family had combed everywhere in search of the man but they were told to come to Amotekun office on Tuesday afternoon.

She identified the headless corpse as the remains of her father.

The Deputy Commandant of Amotekun in Oyo State, Kazeem Akinro, while commenting on the incident said investigation was still ongoing and the suspects would be transferred to the Police.

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