7 Year Old Killing For Ritual Purposes In Plateau

Moses Ofodeme

The Police has recovered the body of a 7-year-old girl who was reportedly used for rituals inside in a hut in Jos Museum, Plateau State.

According to reports, on Saturday, September 5, Juwairiya Auwal and her elder sister Fatima Auwal; went out as usual to hawk brooms around Tudun OC in Rikkos community, Jos north local government area of the state, when they were accosted by an unknown Fulani woman.

Giving account of the incident, Fatima said they were hawking when they met the Fulani woman who initially pretended to be a prospective costumer.

The woman asked them to give her a broom free of charge but they refused. Suddenly, she touched their heads and they found themselves in a hut in the popular Jos Museum.

According to Fatima, when she opened her eyes she found the elderly woman slaughtering the 7-year-old girl. She managed to escape to look for help.

“I ran looking for help, I met a man reading a newspaper and narrated what happened to him.

However, before we got back to the hut, the old woman had disappeared.

The man rushed to the nearest police station and reported the incident.

The police arrived and picked up the corpse of my sister to Plateau State Specialist Hospital.

In fact, the strange thing is that, my sister was slaughtered; but no trace of her blood on the ground or her body”.

The latest incident happened few weeks after a young boy named Faruk Abubakar was slaughtered for ritual purpose by unknown persons in Tudun Fera area of Jos.

Sharing photos of the little girl, one Assiddiq Jibrin Abubakar revealed that Fatima and Jumairiya’s father was killed by the Police during a crisis in October 2019; while their mother is unemployed.

The family lives at Yanshanu Nassarawa Gwom in Jos Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The Police has released the body to the family and she has since been buried.


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