African Energy Chamber Unveils First Internship Programme

CORRECTION: African Energy Chamber (AEC) Launches Energy Pioneers Program  to bring more Africans and Young people into the energy industry |  Africanews

Yemisi Izuora

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) has Launched Energy Pioneers Program to bring more Africans and Young people into the energy industry

The AEC Energy Pioneers Program is the Chamber’s first-of-its-kind internship program intended to provide high-calibre and exclusive opportunities to individuals, by means of promoting continuous learning and valuing growth, both professionally and personally. Through this internship program, participants are exposed to the day and life of seasoned and reputable professionals within the energy sector.

The Chamber has always been, and continues to be, a strong advocate for promoting development, empowering the youth and supporting them to excel within the industry. A further advantage of the Pioneers Program is that it a paid internship. This is a motivation and much needed reminder that through personal investment, hardship and determination, a reward is always eminent.

In a highly competitive world, it takes more than qualifications to secure quality positions. It takes exposure too.

The Chamber aims to provide just that – a platform that allows for continued learning while availing a structured space where participants engage, learn and explore the industry with experienced professionals guiding them along the way.

Gaining industry experience has momentous benefits for graduates entering the work environment. Instead of rushing to secure a job that may not even suit the individual, considering an internship may very well be a lit candle in the dark.

Internship programs are valuable as they offer golden opportunities to develop new skills and present industry specific challenges that would not emerge otherwise. Besides the technical knowledge gained from within any industry, interns additionally learn how to interact with professionals in a workplace setting and develop essential soft skills such as time management, organisational skills, adaptability, problem-solving as well as teamwork.

As the Chamber, we acknowledge the role that organisations should play in uplifting and empowering our youth to equip them with the basic tools in the world of toil, sweat and labour. Youth empowerment needs to be at the forefront of any organisation’s growth agenda as we prepare the next generation of leaders. Through the EPP, the African Energy Chamber is striving to empower the youth, ensuring that we have groomed and skilled young people who are ready to be the change and voice, this industry needs.

This internship program guarantees a fair chance in the selection of candidates, irrespective of their background of studies and experience. Besides being a learning experience, the program gives selected candidates the opportunity to voice out, generate ideas and solutions to specific matters in the industry.

The AEC Energy Pioneers Program is designed not only for the accomplishment of great work, with the chance to learn and grow; this is also an opportunity for working professionals to share their experience and culture of diverse community connection, with the interns, moulding them into future independent professionals with a clear path to follow.

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