AITEO Decries Office Barricade By Restive Community Protesters

..Reports Production Deferment 
Yemisi Izuora
Aiteo has expressed disappointment over the action of a section of the Nembe Community, Bayelsa State who converged, without prior notice, and barricaded the entrance to its logistics base interrupting normal work operations and ignoring the intervention of the State security task force.
He oil firm reported that following a protracted engagement with them, they agreed to disband, while leaving behind representatives to present their demands to the company.
The development the company said coincided with the resumption of operations of the Nembe Creek Trunk Line, NCTL, and noted that the disturbances disrupted its operations leading to production deferment which affects not just the company but revenues accruing to the government and people of Nigeria.

Aiteo however, reiterated its commitment to continuing to work with host communities to achieve an amicable relationship, adding that the Nembe Community provides most of the supply, logistics and security contracts going into its local operations.
“Apart from encouraging community participation in this manner, the company has, in addition, continued to provide considerable amenities and services directly to the community in a most beneficial and impactful way. Hence, we remain open and are committed to constructive dialogue for the development of both the nation and the community.
It takes several layers of engagement to get key deliverables to the community as the asset is operated under a joint venture with NNPC, therefore, key decisions must be made upon due consultation with all stakeholders.
We appeal to our host communities, our partners in development, to patiently await the final outcome of ongoing processes initiated to implement sustainable development for all parties.” the company said in a statement.

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