ANAMBRA 2021: The Ezeemo Challenge, Hype Or Reality…

Hyacinth Chinweuba

Mr Godwin Ezeemo, has gone from mere speculations about his intention to run for the governorship of Anambra State, to making a resounding declaration and greater impact and becoming a house hold name.

Going by the popular view in the PDP, Anambra South remains the party’s strategic option to produce it’s flag bearer for the governorship.

Godwin Ezeemo is not new to politics. He has sterling antecedents, that stands him in good stead. He believes in selfless service, transparency and accountability in the conduct of government affairs.

Mr Ezeemo is also a principled politician, whose modesty and candour cannot be waved aside.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP), as a party of yesterday, today and tomorrow, conducts its affairs with absolute decorum and uniqueness.

For us in Anambra State, we should give Ezeemo all  our votes, with a view to demonstrating our resolve to move Anambra, many miles ahead of others.

The PDP family in Anambra should be commended for their magnanimity and spirit of sportmanship in ensuring, that they have all resolved to work together amicably to win the November 6, 2021 governorship election and be part of an epoch-making event of returning PDP to power in Anambra State.

Godwin Ezeemo’s project is our collective project. It is God’s own project. Anambra State needs economic overhaul to make life more abundant for our people. Anambra people are resilient and long distance runners. And God is their strength.

Ezeemo’s governorship project continues to gain wider acceptability from cross-sections of the electorate in Anambra State. The support base for his victory at the gubernatorial election is on the high side. The campaign structure of Godwin Ezeemo is all embracing and leaves nobody out in the onward march to November 6 duel. Anambra electorate are determined to give the mantle of leadership to Mr Godwin Ezeemo.

The PDP family in Anambra State are very confident of victory, since unity permeates their rank and file as they rest their hope and trust in God Almighty, to fight for them like biblical David against Goliath. This is complemented by the glowing love and affection, Anambra people across local governments, towns, towns, communities and clan have shown the party and Mr Godwin Ezeemo so far. This no doubt, has elevated the resolve of well-meaning people of Anambra State to go to the November Poll and cast their votes without fear or favour and record a 21 Local Governments win for PDP.

Mr Godwin Ezeemo is very ready to identify with those living below the poverty line and give them succor through participatory governance in it’s totality.

He is a remarkable personality in his own right. He is focused on his aspiration and sure-footed of a rancor-free election. An election, where the umpires will be unbiased, but play according to the electoral rules. A fantastically level-playing ground for all candidates.

Mr Ezeemo is for all. All are for him. Anambra People yearn for Ezeemo. Between him and the Anambra people, it is a bond that he will not forsake. He has a date with history. A bond, that will see Anambra State returning to the enviable path of greatness and consolidation of the gains of the present.

That hour is inching closer for us all to give Mr Godwin Ezeemo the opportunity to give his best to us. A governor, that will make the welfare of civil servants and pensioners, the centre-piece of his administration. A situation, that will in turn make the economy of Anambra very buoyant.

All leaders of men, whether political figures; all of those who can get the best out of others, have identified themselves with high ideals, and this has given added scope and strength to their influence. Followed in their lifetime, because they stand for greatness of mind, rather than self interest, are later remembered for the usefulness of what they have achieved for the glory of humanity. And for Mr Godwin Ezeemo, it shall be a goal scored in a grandstyle by the grace of God and inflincing support of the electorate.


God of heaven stood by Abraham, he became father of many nations. He stood by Joseph, he had his dream fulfilled in spite of all the difficulties he went through. He stood by Moses, Pharaoh was defeated. He stood by Daniel, lions became his friends. He stood by David, Goliath was killed. The Almighty God will stand by Mr  Godwin Ezeemo and ease his concerns and subdue all obstacles on his way to Anambra State Government House as the next governor.

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