Anambra: Attack On Ukpo Community Leaves Property Worth Millions Of Naira In Ruin 

Hyacinth Chinweuba

The Ukpo people of Dunukofia have again suffered unprovoked attack by the Abba people of Njikoka local government area.

The attackers launched the unwarranted attacks on the unsuspecting victims of Ukpo on early hours of Wednesday 14th day of October 2020.

The Abba youths numbering about 300 came down to Ukpo junction wielding dangerous weapons of different types and singing war songs.

The attackers came prepared and armed to teeth. The Abba youths during the attack destroyed building projects including security post and Methodist Church School under construction. Not done they also set ablaze a car belonging to Mr Igwebuike Enyiagu of Ukpo and two motorcycles belonging to security man and a labourer at the site.

A source revealed that the attackers moved down from the road leading to Abba from Ukpo Junction and chased the people along on the road. On sighting them the blood thirsty youth wielding dangerous weapons ran after them.

Mr Igwebuike Enyiagu ran away leaving his car behind. The Abba youths then set the car ablaze after hitting it badly.

Done with  the car Abba youths went after the School project site of the Methodist Church and destroyed the school buildings under construction including the sign post and again set ablaze a motorcycle owned by a labourer at the site. While some were at the school site destroying it others turned to security post in the opposite direction where they also destroyed the security post and set ablaze a second motorcycle.

The Abba youths in their recklessness matched from their Methodist Church School site down to Ukpo junction and were heading to destroy a Police Sienna car when Police officers from Dunukofia Divisional Police Post arrived. The timely arrival of the Police officers saved the community from a catastrophe that would have closed down the Enugu/Ontisha expressway.

The Police officers led by the DPO Dunukofia were very professional in scaring away the troublesome youths. Tactfully the Police forced them to retrieve without causing a drop of blood.

In his words Mr Igwebuike Enyiagu whose car was set ablaze “I was on my way back from a family errand because we are preparing for my brother’s burial when he stopped to fix a failure in my car then I sighted Mr Amaechi  Ogbuefi and I moved to greet him. I was standing with him when three bikes with youths holding machetes were approaching us and threatening to kill us. I made to my car to drive off but they blocked me. At once I turned and ran on my feet with Mr Amaechi. While we were running they were destroying my car and later set it ablaze. I had in the car materials, clothings and cash with which I was preparing for my brother’s burial and they were all burnt to ashes. The attackers also burnt two other motorcycles and destroyed the school buildings under construction “. Mr Enyiagu added that the attackers were well over three hundred youths.

At the time of this report normalcy has returned to the Ukpo Junction as Police officers have arrived in numbers to control any unrest. Though Ukpo is well known as peace loving people there are fears that this latest attack may not go unattended.

3 thoughts on “Anambra: Attack On Ukpo Community Leaves Property Worth Millions Of Naira In Ruin 

  1. Ukpo are people are not peace loving people,they are just quite killers,wicked and dont have a sense of belonging.
    Are u people the only community in njikoka,that we wont rest for you people, always telling stories of how they attacked you people,what brought the attack in the first place

  2. Ukpo communities are ingrates they try to claim a land that belongs to Ndi Abba in Njikoka… Abba are the peace loving people here. I know them very well.. Ukpo are devilish

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