Apexreporters On The Occasion Of The 2021 National Achiever’s Award

Hyacinth Chinweuba

This honour is one so unique in nature because it has a collection of great and noiseless achiever’s who are working hard to keep Nigerian from sinking.

Micmirasteph and Apexreporters magazine is designed to celebrate, motivate and stimulate patriotism and productivity in NIGERIANS, especially now that the level of sabotage by citizens have increased.

Sabotage is anything that pulls NIGERIA down and makes life unbearable for others.

But I make bold to say that Apex Reporters never looked in the direction of any of such disgruntled element’s. Rather we took time to scout for those who have contributed and are still contributing meaningfully to the peace progress and development present in this current scary or fearful Nigeria.

With this gesture, Apexreporters magazine has made a statement that Nigerian will get better and bounce back, particularly now that the Nation needs healers and not killer’s

Categorically you our recipients are the healer’s of the Nation who must armtwist the killers to salvage nigeria from collapse.

I will not say much today, but would like to summarize that you are the hope of the nation, and the younger generation are counting on you to fix their dying county, at least to bequeath to them, a land they can be truly proud of.

Merged with the unveiling/ lunching/ambasador of Apexreporters magazine ID card and press sticker’s, this event is quite historical as it mark’s the birthing of a magazine that will set agenda for the leadership we all seek as well it has registered that our media is poised to ply the path of national DEVELOPMENT by servings as catalyst for patriotism which gives rise to a healthy socio-economic situation.

Without wasting time permit me to welcome you all to this August event and thank you for accepting and honouring our invitation as a way of respecting our bumble beginning.

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