AVM Kingsley Lar Charges Nigerians On Patriotism 


The retiring Commandant of the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Kingsley Lar, on Wednesday urged Nigerians to continue speaking positively about the country and also contribute their quota to make it a greater nation.

Lar, who made the statement at the pulling out parade held for him at the NAFRC, Oshodi, appealed to Nigerians to change their attitudes towards the country.

“I want to thank God, I want to thank Nigeria, this great country of ours. There are some who see nothing good about Nigeria. We must change our attitude, love our country because it is the only country that we have.

“So, I want to encourage us to continue to love Nigeria, speak good of this country, even if you may not agree with all that is going on in the country.You may not see what you want to see now but still speak what you want to see.

Kingsley Lar said: “There are many who see nothing good about Nigeria and that is sad indeed.

“I hereby charge us to continue to love Nigeria and continue to speak good about this country. Stop complaining about what leaders are doing or not doing.

“Yes, things may not be as we want to see them. But what are we doing in our own small space to add value?

“We all have a stake in this country.  If Nigeria goes into chaos, we will all be consumed by that chaos. So,  we must do our part to ensure Nigeria continues to wax stronger and becomes greater.

“I can tell you boldly that but for Nigeria, I will not be standing here this morning. I have the privilege of going to school, from the primary level to the Nigerian Military school through the Nigeria Defence Academy at no cost.

“You can do your own bit in your own corner to improve Nigeria. So, my charge to all of us is to stop complaining about what leaders are doing or not.”Let us begin to do our bit, so that together we can build a more united and a greater Nigeria,”

“If you follow the social media, generally, Nigerians tend to pull down our country, our words have power, so, if we keep pulling down our country, how will it be built up.

“Nigeria has paid my salary since I started work 42 years ago, so why should I be putting it down. I spent 10 months here (NAFRC) and there is nobody who will come here and not know that I was here.

“Because I gave everything to ensure that I contributed my own quota and that is what is expected of every Nigerian. Make your own small contributions to make your corner better,” he said.

Lar said that although he never dreamt of joining the Armed Forces, he was thankful to God and a special friend for their impact in his life. “It was exactly 42 years ago, two months and fifteen days ago that I began my military career as a boy soldier. Nigeria has sustained me from that time until now”

“However, I will like to thank my dear friend, without whom I probably won’t be standing here to address you .It was not my plan to join the military but God in His infinite mercy made room for me.

“And today to His glory, I have attained this very high rank of AVM and have the opportunity to contribute my own quota to the Armed Forces and the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

He also appreciated the Chief of the Air Staff,  Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, for giving him the opportunity to serve.

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