Ayoola Food Seeks Improved Power Supply

Yemisi Izuora
Segun Olaye MD Ayoola Foods
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ayoola Foods, Segun Olaye has asked government to take fresh initiatives that will enhance power general and distribution in the country.

Olaye said though there is seeming improvement in the system but a strategic intervention initiative is required to address failure in the system.

Speaking with our correspondent in Lagos, Olaye said, ” there is an improvement in the area of power supply but I think they can still improve on that, but there is hope, we are spending less for fuel, diesel and generator maintenance now.

But really the fact remains that the present  government has not done anything on power, but people believed that the new president Is a no nonsense person and everybody is just careful, but by the time he starts implementing one or two things, I’m sure there will be a lot of improvements”.

He said he has confidence in the current administration and believed the government will come up with a fiscal framework that will boost the manufacturing sector.

According to him,  At the initial stage it’s going to be rough but we thank God that we have a government that has incorporated integrity and transparency as part of  its agenda.

Once  government can curb or minimize corruption, the economy will improve.

Olaye, lamented that the government is coming at a time when the economy of the country is down adding that it has so many things to attend to.

He however, advised President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure it subjects his decisions and action to thorough scrutiny of the environment so as to achieve the desired result.

“It is better to get it right from beginning even when decision taking is at slow pace  but the important thing is to get it right.

If he should still put the same corrupt people there, it will be the same as usual, so let him be slow but come up with the right people and things will work out well.

Declaring his support to the ongoing anti corruption war, he said, “I am in support of government probing exercise and punishment for those that looted our treasury, they should not be left to go just like that, you have to do something that will teach other people lesson.

It can’t just be that you looted the treasury and you return the money and they will be allowed to go, there should be serious punishment so that other people will think twice before they loot the treasury next time.

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