Barber association offers free circumcision for 100 children in Yobe

Herbal Traditional Barbers Association To Circumcise 100 Orphans In Yobe –  Independent Newspaper Nigeria

The Herbal Traditional Barbers Association in collaboration with Fika Emirate Council, on Sunday, circumcised 100 male orphans in Potiskum Local Government Area of Yobe.

The News Agency  of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the children, aged between three and seven, were circumcised by a team of 40 herbalists assembled by the association.

According to Merriam-Webstar dictionary, circumcision is the cutting off of the foreskin of males that is practiced as a religious rite by Jews and Muslims and by others as a social custom or for potential health benefits.

Topical or locally injected anesthesia is often used to reduce pain and physiologic stress. At any age, the circumcised penis usually heals within a week.

Speaking at the occasion, Mohammed Yunus, President of the association, said the exercise would be conducted free of charge as caregivers of the orphans could not afford the services.

Mohammed noted that circumcision was an important religious and cultural rite performed in the area and beyond since time immemorial.

“Circumcision, which is the removal of the skin that covers the penis, is more convenient during harmattan.

“Ours is a special one because we take issues of hygiene and precautionary measures seriously.

“God Has blessed us with the expertise that a child can put on his trouser shortly after the circumcision,” he said.

The President thanked the Emir of Fika, Dr Mohammad Ibn-Abali, for his support towards the successful conduct of the circumcision for the children.

” We are indeed grateful to you sir for the continued support and cooperation you accorded us whenever we are holding our programme in Potiskum.

“We uphold our traditional rites of barbing and circumcision. These have sustained our cultural heritage as well as keep our members self-reliant,” he said.

Highlights of the occasion included the presentation of fabrics and other gifts to both the herbalists and the circumcised children by the Emir. (NAN)

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