BON urges frequent interface between NBC, NPC, media practitioners


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The Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON) has called on the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and the Nigeria Press Council (NPC) to interface frequently with practitioners for a harmonious working relationship to minimise their unwarranted sanctions.

The Executive Secretary of BON, Dr Yemisi Bamgbose, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, in Abuja.

Bamgbose stressed the need for the two regulatory bodies to interface with practitioners regularly so as to avoid  recent unwarranted sanctions.

“This is very essential, because, it is not on everything that you issue directives or sanctions, it may not work.

“But,where there is continuous interface with the practitioners and organisations like BON, NUJ, RATTAWU and Newspaper Proprietors Association (NPAN) and other stakeholders, things will move smoothly.

“This is because, I may be doing something wrong which I may not be aware of, but when we interface regularly, a colleague may caution me.

“But, when the idea is to dish out directives or sanctions, it may not be good because we are all stakeholders in the Nigerian Project,” he said.

Bamgbose, however, explained that where a station had breached the law or code, the court would be there to determine the station’s guilt.

“In a situation where you are acting as a doctor and instead of carrying out tests or diagnosis, you killed the patient and you now want to carry out diagnosis after the patient’s death. What is the essence of doing that?”

He, therefore, reiterated the need for media regulators to ensure continuous interface with practitioners so as to move the industry forward, noting that the environment was very harsh on the economy.

“While performing the regulatory role, amidst harsh political atmosphere, then we are sending negative signals that may eventually send genuine investors away and equally repress investors that have already put in their monies in the industry.

“I agree that the regulators are there to perform their roles, but there are processes they are supposed to follow.

“If you accuse me of doing something wrong, you need to give me query to answer and when I fail, then you sanction me.

“But where you are the accuser, witness and at the same time the judge, then, it is something that calls for  serious concern,” Bamgbose stressed.

On the recent directive by NBC to broadcast stations to stop glamourising stories on insecurity, Bamgbose noted that there were no evidences to prove that broadcast stations were glamourising insecurity.

“I have not seen any evidence to show that some broadcast stations glamourised, show gory pictures or obscure pictures that will aggravate the security situation of the country.

“The directive was not sent to BON. I equally read it on pages of newspapers, but to me, it is an attempt to slow them down in performing their activities and roles the constitution bestowed on them in the country,” he said. (NAN)

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