Cargo Export In Tincan Port Rises Despite Logistics Constraints

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Hyacinth Chinweuba

The volume of exported cargoes through Tin Can Island Port Command incrased by almost a hundred percent between January and April 2019, despite the poor access roads and other logistics constraints.

According to data obtained by Oriental News Nigeria from the Nigeria Customs Service, Tincan Port Command, a total volume of 115, 000 metric tonnes of cargo was recorded from January to April, while a total of 62,000 metric tonnes of cargoes were exported in 2018.

The improvement was attributed to increase in the government awareness moves aimed at informing and sensitizing stakeholders about benefits of exports.

According to the data cigarettes are among the most expoted commodity from Nigeria to other countries.

Other commodities exported through the port to include cocoa beans, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, leather, rubber, cigarettes and ginger, zinc ore, soft drinks, beer, tissue paper, bathroom slippers and frozen shrimps.

For the first quarter of the year, the command processed a total of 83,218 tonnes with Free on Board, FOB, value of N32,447,668,739

In January 2019, tonnage of 24,623.5 FOB value of N13,001,246,995 was processed; February 26,045.6 with FOB of N12,331,535,344 and March had a 32,548.9 with FOB of N11,148,869,400.

Free on board (FOB) is a contractual term that refers to the requirement that the seller deliver goods at the seller’s cost via a specific route to a destination designated by the buyer.

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