Chief Onitiri Urges Buhari Not To Take Another Foreign Loan

Yemisi Izuora

Lagos-based political activist and social critic, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri has pleaded with the Federal government not to take any further foreign loans to finance the current budget.

Rather, the government should look inward by cutting down the wastages, reduce the number of ministers and other appointees, presidential fleets and many others including the National Assembly members humongous salaries, allowances and renumerations.

The states should also downsize appointed commissioners, advisers and others.

He also wants both the Federal and state governments to tap our God-given natural resources to save our future generations from unnecessary debts burden.

In a statement in Lagos at the weekend, Chief Onitiri said this retinue of foreign loans are becoming increasingly alarming, posing a serious danger to our future generations yet unborn.

The Federal government on Thursday has written to the National Assembly requesting to borrow another $5.513bn loan to finance the 2020 budget.

“It is a fact that Nigeria is immensely blessed with both human and natural resources, that what it takes as good and visionary leader is prudence and determination with llittle efforts to harness.

“This is the time to look inwards and harness our God given resources instead of going cap in hand to beg for foreign loans. ”

Chief Onitiri said Buhari government should cut its coat according to its clothes.

“We can cut down our budget to our size as we cannot pay back these loans in the immediate future. Needless to mortgage our country and the future of our children yet unborn.

“Let us cut cost of our humongous Governance. Reduce the number of our ministers and aides. Reduce emoluments of our National Assembly members. Sell off the many Presidential jets we have in the presidential fleet.”

“This is the time to plug holes in our leaking budgets and enforce proper accountability. Give proper account of the Abacha loots already collected.

” We demand that President Muhammadu Buhari should address the nation in a live broadcast on the need for this loan and on Covid 19 problems.”

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