Communique from 2016 insurance consumers forum Organised by Almond Productions



  1. There is need for the insurance industry to continuously create awareness on what insurance is and how the insuring public could benefit from it is protection. In this regard, the industry should put in place more efforts to promote insurance literacy in the country.
  2. The insurance practitioners should put in more efforts to leverage on modern technology in the distribution of insurance products.
  3. There should be an enhance collaboration between the Nigerian insurance industry and the relevant government agencies in promoting compulsory insurances in the country.
  4. The industry should put in place a more efficient complaint bureau system to settle disputes arising in insurance contracts in the country.
  5. The insurance companies in the market should strive to set up efficient research departments that would them to identify the insuring needs of the Nigerian publics.
  6. There is need for the training and re-training of the insurance markets so that they should be more abreast with the contents of the products that they are marketing to the insuring public.
  7. Insurance practitioners should look for the opportunities coming from the present economic recession, more so that recession is risk and insurance is all about risk management.
  8. There is need for the industry to adopt modern technology so as to efficiently remind policyholders of policies that were due for renewals.

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