Community Raises Support For Rejuvenation Of Delta Steel Plant

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Yemisi Izuora

Host community of Delta Steel Company has called on AMCON to assist the new owner to start the resuscitation and bring back to life, the facility to create jobs and bring development into the community.

President General, Union of Udu Community, Chief Stephen Sokoh in a letter of support for the new management of the Steel company, Premium Steel & Mines Limited, to the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria signed on behalf of the community, emphasized the need to allow the owners the company resuscitate it and commence operations to enable the company execute and expand its ambitious industrial operations in the community.

According to him, “pursuant to our fact-finding exercise and elaborate engagement with the new owners, I must clearly state that the company is back in the community with the aim of putting smiles on the faces of many families in Udu community in particular and Nigeria at large”.

Speaking on Premium Steel’s CSR initiatives in the Ovwian community, the provision of portable water, donation of a new steel fabricated school main entrance gate and a diesel generating set to the Ovwian primary school, the provision of water and electricity to the Ovwian cottage hospital are clear indications that Premium Steel & Mines Ltd stands as a good corporate socially responsible company operating with global best practices towards their host communities.

In response to the comments of the President General, Mr. Prasanta Mishra Chief Executive Officer of Premium Steel & Mines Limited said: “we are committed to a seamless relationship with our host communities and we will carry them along with our growth path for a holistic development. We shall also   ensure that our operations reflect global best practices in the steel manufacturing industry.”

The President General reiterated with an appeal to the management of AMCON to ensure resolution of the liabilities or outstanding dues to various groups like ex-staffs, contractors and supplier, which will help the new owners, Premium Steel & Mines Ltd., to restart the Ovwian-Aladja steel complex as early as possible.

2 thoughts on “Community Raises Support For Rejuvenation Of Delta Steel Plant

  1. Good, but this whole thing is confusing, you certainly know nothing can be done in starting the steel plant now owned by Premium Steel.

    first, pay the ex- staffs;as nothing can be done except you want to keep wasting your time and resources.

    As the staffs, ex-staffs and due pensioners / disengage are in support of the new move, but not without their pay and balance benefits which is long due, too money sufferings and deaths that I can’t rem to type here as you already know

  2. wait where have these community been?

    Premium steel STOP wasting your resources, “sorry I called it a waste) yes you have a lot of communities to help and assist so don’t rush, …U have Ovian,Ekete, Aladja, Orhuwhorun, Igbokidi, Ogbijor etc…

    What u need do now is settle the contract staffs, the retired/disengaged staffs of delta steel and you’ll get full support, to restart the plant with good luck, good wishes and blessings from these suffering staffs/retired staffs of DSC.

    Anything less is a waste of time/effort/resources…except u re a charity organization.

    Lastly I advise that most ex staffs / staffs have the key to the successful operation of the plant.

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