Couple Pour Hot Water On Maid In Anambra

Richard Ginika Izuora

An couple has been arrested after they reportedly poured hot water on the body of their 8-year-old maid’s body for licking milk.

The couple,  Mrs Ogochukwu Anichukwu and Mr Emmanuel Anichukwu were accused of flogging the little girl mercilessly; and starving her repeatedly.

It was further gathered that the girl has been seen several times eating sand because of starvation.

The couple was recently dragged to the human right legal initiative in Ekwulobia, Anambra State; this is following the injury the 8-year-old maidservant sustained after allegedly being poured hot water by Ogochukwu.

The lady reportedly poured hot water on the maidservant; because she caught her licking milk meant for her baby.

Facebook user, Jane Iyke who shared their photos wrote;

“This case is before Human right legal initiative Ekwulobia Anambra State already; but if you know this girl Mma from Awgu Enugu State.

kindly advise the family to come and pick their child before they bring her back in the corpse.

This child is living with Mrs Ogochukwu Anichukwu from Ndikelionwu and Mr. Emmanuel Anichukwu from Enugu State as a househelp in Nanka Anambra state.

This girl’s offence was that she licked the milk meant for her baby; she poured hot water on her and locked her inside so that neighbors won’t see her in that state.

The neighbours confirmed to have seen the girl eating sand severally because of starvation. She’s now used to flogging; which was why the woman used hot water this time.

The neighbour that reported to the Human rights legal aid according to them entered their house unexpectedly; and caught Mma trying to run inside to avoid been seen; as she was vehemently warned not to allow anyone see her.

The girl is now in the hospital for proper medical care.

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