COVID-19: Afri-Goal Calls For Better Treatment Of Africa’s Frontline Health Staff


Yemisi Izuora

Afri-Goal has raised concern over poor treatment of frontline health
workers in this pandemic period, arguing that they deserve more than what they receive presently.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Africa, health workers have been
sacrificing themselves, putting their lives at risk to ensure persons
infected are treated and recovered.

Due to the valiant efforts of our health workers, the African continent
has recorded 524,557 recoveries of the total 910,395 confirmed cases

Sadly, these health workers are not getting the accolades they deserve, it observed.

The latest data by the World Health Organisation shows that over 10,000
health workers are infected in Africa. This is largely due to the lack
of personal protective equipment and weak infection prevention, with the
government solely to blame for those.
Hundreds of health workers have also died after being infected with the
pandemic coronavirus.

The continent is plagued with a sub-par health system ranging from lack
of adequate facilities to absence of incentives for health workers.
According to to available data, eighty-four per cent of the continent’s healthcare facilities surveyed by the WHO were found to have poor infrastructure to prevent infections.
Over 1.4 million or 10 per cent of all cases worldwide are among
healthcare workers though there is a wide range between individual

In several African countries, infection prevention and control measures
aimed at preventing infections in healthcare facilities are still not
fully implemented.

Afri-Goal has heard sad tales of how health workers in government-owned
hospitals have to purchase PPE with their personal funds due to
non-provision by the government. This is nothing but the height of gross
carelessness and dereliction of duties on the part of the government.

“We call on the African Union to direct all Heads of countries to
prioritize the care of health workers especially those at the frontline
of the battle against the pandemic coronavirus.
We urge all countries to ensure the availability of PPE and also beyond
monthly salary provide hazard allowance for all health workers as
incentive to appreciate their efforts in combating the pandemic
coronavirus.” It said.

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