Hyacinth Chinweuba

CSP Saheed Olayinka EGBEYEMI, the commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Lagos, had his last days as a divisional police officer spent in the Sango Otta divisional headquarters, before he was made the head and chairman of the Lagos state task force on environmental and special offences (TaskForce), enforcement unit, from where he was recently elevated to become the commander RRS Lagos state, having performed exceptionally well.

He has left a daunting task for his successor at the Lagos state task force with feats that include tidying up environmental pollution by motorists, motorcyclists and residents alike across Lagos; his heroics during the#EndSars crisis, where he safe guarded and prevented the burning down of the terminals 1,2,3 of the Oshodi transport interchange, first attempt at makinde police station Oshodi, computer village ikeja, Meiran divisional headquarters and the recovery of 13 rifles and dozens of live ammunitions looted from Isokoko divisional headquarters in Agege, through community policing represent a few of his success story.

Looking back, it has become necessary to review his time as the DPO

Sango Otta, for the records and the general public; knowing full well that, he is not attuned to publicity but as a keen follower, I am constrained to revisit his remarkable achievements in the division, especially as I recently came across a post on Facebook by one Florence Omolola Jones-Idowu, attempting to discredit the unrivalled feats of CSP EGBEYEMI while serving as DPO Sango Otta.

As DPO Sango Otta, he fought crime especially armed robbery to a halt, such that daredevil armed robbers, got smoked out of  Sango Otta and environ, which had hitherto served as their safe haven unchallenged; no wonder, current AIG Kokumo, back then visited physically to acknowledge and commend his uncommon efforts and success in containing and snuffing life out of the robbers bedevilling the entire axis then.

CSP Egbeyemi as DPO then, employed professionalism, full blown community policing to effectively gather reliable intelligence and thus, was strategically able to root out numerous forms of criminality around his jurisdiction to the admiration and appreciations of stakeholders and communities under his mandate.

Under six months of his stewardship as DPO Sango Otta, CSP Egbeyemi became a household name synonymous with effective security, safety and community friendly policing; it was not surprising as stakeholders across different walks of life poured in to volunteer for the eight projects he undertook to give the division a face lift and improve their delivery to the public.

He, in the course of his duty as DPO, initiated infrastructural renewal at the division that included all round face-lift from the sentry guard point, the main gate, reception, administrative offices, modern equipped cells with wall tiles, fans, standard toilets to guard against infections, standard mosque, visitors sheds 1&2 and started the building of the new PCRC Hall together with the fourteen rooms administrative blocks up to the decking level before he was poached by the Lagos state government then; he also  initiated and ensured the rebuilding of Ijoko Outpost that was burnt down after ridding the area of hoodlums and armed robbers plaguing the communities; the Outpost was built by one chief Matanmi through the efforts of CSP Egbeyemi.

It is noteworthy to state that, the leadership of the PCRC then protested vehemently against his deploymen to Lagos, up to the Ogun state house of assembly because in their words, the decision was wrong as CSP Egbeyemi has tremendously brought respite and improved security of lives and property in and around Sango Otta and environ.

It is rather ironic and unbecoming of unpatriotic individuals like Florence Omolola Jones-Idowu to attempt to trivialize the overwhelming and acknowledged successes recorded by an exceptionally outstanding officer like CSP Egbeyem, singling out only one of the sheds built under his watch just because it was donated by a legitimate association of brothel owners in Sango Otta, in an attempt to press home a ridicule; whereas, brothel owners are duly recognised and form part of the businesses registered by law, which in her post, she made to make it look illegitimate and smear the name of the person of CSP Egbeyemi

Attempts as Florence’s goes to confirm the common odds in our society, where credit, commendation and wish for promotion are instead substituted with hate and the wish for the downfall of some of the best officers we have on offer.

CSP Egbeyemi in my candid view as a keen follower of events across the nation and in the view of discerning minds, has paid his dues and deserves every bit of the raise he has had in recent times; officers like him deserve further encouragement by the police now especially during this wave of promotions going on;

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