CSR-In-Action Seeks Sustainable Investment In Economy

Yemisi Izuora
Bekeme Masade
CSR-In-Action a social enterprise organisation has announced a strategic partnership deal with Accenture, Ernst & Young to facilitate a framework that will press  for sustainable investment by Corporate Organisations in the country.

With an increasing demand for responsible corporate citizenship, the partnership will commit itself to serving at the helm alongside public, private and social sector organisations to properly chart a responsible course to achieving widespread sustainable developmnent, the first step of which is transparency.

Speaking on the initiative and upcoming launch of the 3rd edition of the ‘The Collective Social Investment Report; Nigeria; A Report On The Sustainability Approach’ Bekeme Masade executive director CSR-In-Action said the group is committed to assist business practitioners interested in corporate sustainability in Nigeria.

Masade said that the partnership will offer them the chance to assess the values and social responsibility priorities of major Nigerian businesses.

She said, “while it has been said that sustainability is not about what companies do to look good, but they do to stay alive, CSR-In-Action has taken things a notch higher this year by asking companies to report on the entirety of their operations with the view to determine whether organisations are committed to making lasting positive, economic, social and environmental investments and what measurable steps have been taken”.

Masade also urged government to be part of the initiative adding “there is need for collective effort to ensure our corporations are socially responsible”.

She explained that past reports and the one about to be launched are critical to that milestone and the fact that “we have it credibly done should encourage all of us who are stakeholders to rally behind the project”.

She said the report scheduled to be launched in October would be made public in the first place and later distributed to over 250 companies in Nigeria including United Nations entities and global conferences.

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