Customs Strike Force Recovers N1 Billion Revenue Shortfalls 

Customs Strike Force Team Generates ₦1.1 billion in 6 months - 247 News  Around The World

Hyacinth Chinweuba

The Comptroller General Strike Force of Nigeria Customs Service has disclosed a revenue collection of over N1b from alerts discovered on duty payment shortfalls.

The Zonal Coordinator of the Strike Force, Deputy Comptroller Shuaibu stated during a press parley that the Information Communication Technology (ICT) arm of his unit was able to achieve the recoveries through alerts.

Shuaibu added that his zone will remain unrelenting in suppressing smuggling and preventing loss of revenue through insincere or false declarations and outright smuggling.

According to Shuaibu, some stakeholders in the importation business who were made to pay these shortfalls that accumulated to over a billion naira may have been complaining and condemning the activities of the Customs Comptroller General Strike Force.

The unit also made seizures of rice that were unhygienically concealed in different compartments of three cars including inside disused spare tyres.

Also addressing reporters on the rice seizures, Joseph Attah, National Public Relations Officer of the NCS, described the mode of concealments as innovations by smugglers to beat customs check.

Attah said the rice, which were stored in bonnets, booths, engine area, under dashboards, beneath the seats and inside condemned tyres are not among food items given to National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for consideration tests before donation to Internally Displaced Persons

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