Edo Prince Shot Dead By Abductors

Richard Ginika Izuora

An Edo Prince, Prince Dennis Abuda, has been reportedly shot dead by his adductors.

They were irked because he slumped due to fatigue during his abduction.

Abuda is said to be a realtor and insurance broker based in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was said to have returned to Nigeria for the 2020 Christmas holidays which he spent in Edo State and was due to return to the United States on Saturday, January 30, 2021.

He was abducted by kidnappers in Edo State; alongside other members of his family and a few other people.

The Edo Prince and the others were abducted while on their way to board a flight to Lagos enroute Atlanta.

Abuda was shot dead by the impatient kidnappers after he slumped during the long walk into the forest after his abduction.

He had slumped due to exhaustion when he could no longer walk.

It was gathered that the kidnappers did not want to leave him behind; as they were wary that he would divulge their movement to security agencies.

Consequently, he was shot dead and his corpse left at the scene.

Meanwhile, his family had raised the sum of N10 million which was paid to the kidnappers.

Other abductees who were travelling with the deceased were released safely after the payment of the ransom.

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