EFCC Has Apologised After Gestapo Style Invasion Of My Apartment – Female Journalist

Following the invasion of her apartment by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abia-based journalist, Norah Okafor, said an apology has been tendered to her.

Okafor had in a Facebook post on Thursday narrated how the masked operatives broke into her flat and those of her two neighbours in a gestapo style at midnight.

“As a nude sleeper, while they tried to make their way into the compound, I found something to wear while my brothers and I were thinking of a way of escape. The worst-case scenario for me is that they will rape or take the only valuable available (a car key) so I prepared my mind,” she had said.

She noted that the armed men numbering over 25, stormed the compound after destroying the electric fence and breaking through the doors.

But when THE WHISTLER contacted Okafor for further clarification on the incident, she said:

“They are EFCC, one of them has contacted me to say they are sorry, that they actually came in here based on information that we were internet fraudster and that they didn’t take anybody, and of course they had their uniforms.

They came in here with two buses and after they finished their acts, they now took us downstairs with all the properties they had gathered.

“Other EFCC officials were outside. Four of them had EFCC uniforms and there was mobile police and they said to us that they had checked everything here and nothing was there.

“They were going to go with my car, but i told them I had to take out my document, including my ID card, and I wouldn’t not let them go out with the car. That was when they asked me what I do and I said I am a journalist. And, like I said they gave us everything they collected back.

“We have even confirmed they are from Port Harcourt because there is not EFCC office in Umuahia, so they are either from Port-Harcourt or Enugu.

But responding to THE WHISTLER’s request for comment, EFCC’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, said operatives of the commission do not cover their faces because they have no reason to do so.

Uwajuren said, “We don’t wear Black, what our operatives wear is red jacket, anywhere you see them, you will always see EFCC OPERATIVES with red jacket.

“Our operative also don’t cover their faces, why will they cover their faces? Are they doing illegal jobs?

“In the briefing I got on the Abia operation, there was no mention of anything related to what the lady is claiming. Sometimes people just want to trend”.

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