Ekiti Governor Is Hostile To SWAGA- Group

SWAGA Alerts APC of Fayemi's Anti-party Activities – Security Monitor

Moses Ofodeme

The All Progressives Youth Alliance (APYA), has accused Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State of masterminding a substerranian move to frustrate a section of members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the state.

The group Also condemned the witch-hunts mounted on SWAGA to subvert, frustrate and truncate its activities in Ekiti State

In a statement signed by APYA President, Adelana Adeyanju, the group warned the Governor to drop the lingering hostilities and embrace peace to avert the wrath of the youth.

According to the statement, “Fayemi and His Attacks on SWAGA, Billboards

When the gods are bent on killing a soul, the first thing they do is to make their victims deaf to reason. It happened to the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar and it formed the very lethal therapy that led to his ignoble end. The Ekiti State government under the leadership of Dr Kayode Fayemi has chosen same track.

“Our programme for the epochal imauguration of the Ekiti State Chapter of South West Agenda for Asiwaju 2023, SWAGA, was articulately planned and painstakingly mapped out to achieve the desired success without rancour. Members met severally, we wrote letters to concerned authorities within and outside state and approached the Ekiti State Signage Company of our plan to erect 3 billboards for publicity. This request was granted and due payment was made. We meant well.

“We set to erect the billboards but got the feeler shortly after erecting the first one that the governor was disturbed when he saw the picture of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the billboard. The Signage company that had already signed a contract with SWAGA quickly came back  to pull down the erected billboard from the highway and forbids the group from further action.

“Before this last kick to derail the birth of SWAGA in Ekiti State, several measures had been deployed to ridicule, molest and intimidate APC members that are loyal to our group in Ado, Oye, Ikole and some other local councils, using threats of suspension or expulsion of members from the APC. Only recently, Chief Kayode Adenira and Hide Osho, both leaders in Aiyede Ekiti, Oye Local Government, were suspended in the lingering wave if hostility against SWAGA members. We have mounted resistance in the oast, standing by the victimised and revealing their plans to appropriate authorities. They were checkmated.”

The statement further read, Nothing could better describe a jittery governor who has lost all popularity and integrity with the people.

“Even as we are aware that the devil will not willingly go to sleep, we view the actions of the governor on SWAGA as a step taken too far and therefore warn that any attempt to perpetually impose himself on the Ekiti people will be adequately resisted. We will not allow the reign of terror to rear its head in Ekitiland again; we will not allow humiliation, an abhorrent to democracy, to thrive on our land. We shall raise up arms with the enemy of the people and fight a good fight to liberating the downtrodden from the prevailing season of oppression and economic seizure, with zeal. We shall win so victoriously.

“Democracy, all over the world, create a level playing ground to exercise fundamental rights by all without fair or favour. We refuse to see reason in why the governor is trying to turn Ekiti State into a personal estate and one where only his stooges, has access to the soul of our party and governance.”

He said Ekiti has never been this ruled in the past, adding, “We are a people with history of tolerance, civility and decorum. Any act outside of these can only be traced to a parasite, a usurper who is not a true born of our land.

“We are hereby warning, for the last time, that the governor should embrace civility so he does not incur our wrath. Fayemi should be ready to swallow more bitter pills that would soon consume him as people delight and shout for joy, preparatory to pending popular defeats over the gadfly that has pestered our lives so horribly in past years.

“A stitch in time, at times saves more than nine.”

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