We have reached a critical stage in our country, Nigeria, when every well meaning citizen should rise in condemnation and denouncement of the outrageous agitations for self determination and fight for the unity of the country. It is the stage where we should be honest and tell ourselves the bitter truth.
The truth is that these crises accross the country are the creation of persons whose satanic agenda is to discredit the current administration federal level, plant seeds of discord and hatred in the minds of the populace against the government to legitimatise their agitations. They want to curry sentiments from the international community to become inclined to supporting their selfish and secessionist motives.
Recall that the federal government had proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group. But this same IPOB recently formed a more deadly terrorist outfit called Eastern Security Network (ESN), which has given rise to the carnages currently going on in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.
We all are witnesses to the destruction of police stations, killings of men and women of the police force and the military, invasion of Nigerian prisons and setting criminals free in the eastern part of the country. They some times kidnap, kill innocent citizens and engage in sundry crimes, which they deceptively blame on Fulani herdsmen.
Yes, this is the time when patriots and lovers of the country should rally round the president to defend the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria.
It is very unfortunate that the current administration under  President Muhammadu Buhari, with very meagre financial resources is being blackmailed by these agents of distablisation clamouring for secession as well as dishonest opposition politicians.
Despite the paucity of resources occasioned by oil glut and the Covid-19 pandemic, this administration has set a record of infrastructure provision, which has suppassed those of the two previous administrations combined. It is also unfortunate that some of these secession advocates hinge their reasons on marginalisation. How false!
The groups that make the most noise about this marginalisation saga are those from the South – East with IPOB in the forefront. Ironically South – East zone happens to be the most favoured in terms of infrastructure provision under the government of President Buhari.
They argue that federal appointments are lobsided against the South – East. For God’s sake, even if it is true, the region is still better off compared to other zones in times of infrastructure provision. If a choice is to be made between federal appointment appointment and infrastructure provision, the wise and progressive people will choose the latter.
In the past individuals from the East who got federal appointments were so selfish to the point of not attracting any meaningful developmental projects to their areas.
The truth is that those who are at the forefront of these secession agitations are a bunch of hypocrites, ungenuine and insincere leaders who not only have delusions of grandeur about their secession agenda, but also have delusions of grandeur about themselves. They because they have secret and selfish motives,  employ all kinds of underhand methods and tactics to pursue their selfish dreams.
Lies, fake news and hate speeches have become the stock in their arsenals.
Imagine the so called supreme leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, coming out with such a wicked and satanic conspiracy theory that President Buhari was dead and that the man in Aso rock is one jubrin from Sudan.
Some people, in their gullibility, believed him and so the news went viral like a wild fire. Some others say Buhari now is robot Buhari. How genial! How would God forgive this type of sin? Does not this qualify as a sin against the Holy Spirit recorded in the Holy Book (Mark 3: 28-29) which is unforgivable?
Yet this man and his followers claim they believe in God and are descendants of Israel. How do you reconcile their claim of Christianity or belief in God with their attitudes of lies and fake news that more often than not result in killings?
What could be more genocidal than these fakes news, lies and incitements?  This man Nnamdi Kanu and his followers say heinous and insulting things about the President, which are completely at variance with the commandments of God they claim to believe in. If they cannot respect the President in the capacity of his office,  would they not at least respect him because of his age?
This is the time for the authorities to come hard against those who commit and peddle these vices. Freedom of information and free speech is not the same thing as freedom to engage in spreading fake news, hate speeches and the likes.
Take time and listen to Nnamdi Kanu on his so-called Radio Biafra and see that his debased nature will come to the fore; very arrogant, abusive and insultive, autocratic and bereft of civility and integrity, as a man who dishes out lies with out qualms. Then you will be forced to ask if this is the man people blindly follow?
What is more baffling is the fact that these blind followers within and outside the country have been hoodwinked into raising funds with which he enjoys himself outside the country and yet innocent people are dying on account of the crises he instigates. It is also baffling that some elected officials, members of the national and state assemblies who swore to an oath to defend and bear true allegiance to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are supporting this agenda of secession, fighting and igniting crises in the country.
Some of these elected officials are even aligning with the secessionists to write  and send destructive letters and petitions to the international bodies. The question now is, are these people still worthy to be called honourable members of the Nigerian state?  Would it not be honourable for them to resign from their positions?
Our take is that they should be made to resign and prevented from contesting future elections. It is double standard and conflict of interest to be elected and sworn in to office under the Nigerian law and at the same time be canvassing for secession or for another country.
At a time countries all over the world are grappling with global crises and are assiduously working to overcome same, some divisive elements in Nigeria are adding to the already existing crises and using same for fraudulent agitations. It is only an irresponsible and wick government that will give in to this.
Vincent G. Uba
National Co-ordinator,
No Alternative To Buhari-Osinbajo 2019 (NATBO 2019)

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