Elections: INEC Catches Up With e-Result Transmission Capacity 

Moses Ofodeme

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), said it has advanced more by  building capacity to enable it transmit election results electronically.

The INEC disclosed this in its “Position Paper No.1/2021 Electronic Transmission of Election” released on Saturday, September 25, in Abuja, where it admitted that the available national infrastructures, including mobile network coverage, were adequate to provide for electronic transmission of election results.

The objectives of the position paper, was to explain the desirability of electronic transmission of results as an electoral reform issue in Nigeria today and also to clarify the position of INEC on some of the central issues around e-transmission of results.

The INEC also, expressed its belief that electronic transmission of results would improve the quality of election results management, while its engagement with stakeholders had shown that the Nigerian public supported electronic transmission of election results.

The Commission stated that, “The technology and national infrastructure to support this are adequate.

“Consequently, if the choice was up to INEC, the commission prefers to transmit election results electronically once the necessary legal framework is provided,”

“To build a consensus on electronic transmission of results as an electoral reform issue; based on a shared understanding of its desirability towards the 2023 general election,” INEC explained.

The commission disclosed that for over a decade it had piloted the electronic transmission of election results; via Short Messaging System (SMS) for off-cycle and bye-elections in 2011.

“The second system piloted for the 2011 General Election was called the e-Track. The idea was to use handheld scanners to scan all polling unit results; and send them as PDF files to a backend for processing and publishing.

“Unfortunately, the commission’s staff deployed for that purpose did not scan many of the results; while some of the scanned results were not legible.” it said.

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