#EndSARS Protesters Seek Visa Ban On Erring Police Officers

Richard Ginika Izuora

Nigeria’s #EndSARS movement has sent a petition to the United States government urging the country to impose visa restrictions on all Nigerian public office holders; and high-ranking Police officers.

The petition received over 10,000 signatures as of Sunday morning.

This #EndSARS petition was spearheaded by data journalist Farida Adamu, on Friday to nudge top officials to “take needful actions instead of their current taciturnity,” a description on change.com said.

“Though visa restrictions may not be foolproof; the peaceful election conducted a few days after the release of your statement; asserts that your statement holds so much significance,” the #EndSARS petition; written as a letter to the US Department of State, reads.

“It is with this belief in your commitment that we, as Nigerian youths; request that you make the blanket restriction as highlighted above on all public office holders in the country.”

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