Expert Lists Benefits Of Cooking Gas

Yemisi Izuora

Nigerians have been encouraged to switch to Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, also called cooking gas, because of its economic and environmental advantages.

James Atiti, who is a co-founder of Doowe Gas, explained that the  use of gas to cook drives energy efficiency, precise temperature control, immediate heating and cooling, lower operating cost and the ability to work without power.

Atiti also noted that the use of gas cookers provides best alternative to electric cookers, fueled by LPG (butane or propane), adding that cooking gas is the way to go for those who prefer a clean and pleasant cooking experience.

He maintained that the numerous benefits of cooking gas over other forms of energy makes it an attractive choice for homeowners.

Doowe Gas is an e-commerce startup that specializes in the door-to-door delivery of cooking gas.

According to Atiti, Using liquefied petroleum gas for cooking is becoming more economically viable and a cleaner choice that Nigerians should embrace.

Founded in 2016 with his partner Nnamdi Odiwe, Doowee Gas, is poised to be the next big energy company in delivering advanced technology, regular supply of cooking Gas, employment and adding value to the Nigerian energy market, he said.

The company is also poised to fight environmental and health hazards as part of the company’s marketing strategy.

The company is investing in new technologies and precautionary safety measures.

“We have invested new technologies to mitigate against gas explosions, theft and unscrupulous malpractices in the industry in order to guarantee quality service delivery and overall cost savings,” Atiti said.

He also stressed that using cooking gas gives room for energy efficiency, lower costs, low maintenance, it is dependable, it is durable and allows for cooking control.

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