Experts To Share Knowledge On New Green Technology

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Yemisi Izuora 

In view of the global challenges facing the crude oil market which demands a critical review, particularly in a place like Nigeria that derives the bulk of its foreign exchange earnings from hydrocarbon, a specialist conference has been packaged to put into focus the alternative energy sources for future development.

The Energy And New Green Technology Conference with the theme “The Future Of Hydrocarbon Economy In The Age Of New Green Technology”, scheduled to hold between 27th – 29th March, 2018 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and would focus on the role that hydrocarbon energy had played in the world economy and consider the critical circumstances of countries like Nigeria that did not leverage the considerable wealth accumulated from oil to diversify their economy.

According to a statement by Alfe City Company Ltd, the organizers, in view of the universal agreement to drastically reduce the level of CO2 emission into the atmosphere with greener technology as a solution to saving the planet, the conference will examine the immediate, medium to long term effect the emergence of new green technology will have in the future prospect of the Nigerian economy.

With the technical content to be handled by seasoned international experts who will proffer plausible solutions for industry operators, government and regulators on how best to confront the inevitable transition to the new green technology, the organizers listed other objectives of the confab to include; underline the strategic role hydrocarbon has played and will continue to play in the economic development of the Nigeria economy; prepare all stakeholders for the inevitability of the new green economy; provide a template for a post hydrocarbon economy for other sectors of the economy that have been wholly reliant on the hydrocarbon industry; empower development agencies like the NDDC and State Oil Producing Areas with the necessary tools for continuing relevance in the new green economy; provide a guide to the future of the emerging green technologies by creating an annual platform for unveiling of locally developed and international new green technology solutions; provide a mirror into the future for the benefit of citizens of oil producing areas of a future economy that will be less reliant on hydrocarbon that has hitherto been the source of discord and militancy.

The major participants expected as the three day forum include the Oil Producing States; Oil Producing Areas Development Commissions; Oil & Gas Companies; Petrochemical Companies; Energy Services Companies; Financial Institutions; Federal Regulators; and Federal Development and Investment Agencies.

The organizers said there would be provision for the display and exhibition of a wide range of new green technology products and services as a window into the new world of green technology while industry regulators will also have a platform to meet operators to exchange views and opinions about new regulations and development.

Specifically, a research presentation is expected from Prof. Kelvin Bob-Manuel of the Rivers State University on alternative green energy, while other presentations will cover; The recent emergence of the new green technology and its potential impact on the future of the energy trade; The direct cost of a new green technology economy on a Nigerian economy almost wholly reliant on the hydrocarbon Industry; Managing the immediate to short term effects of the new green Technology on the economy of Nigeria whose economic prospect is tied to the fate of the hydrocarbon Industry; and Meeting the present energy need of Nigeria while transiting to a green technology environment.

Others subthemes to be covered include; The strategic responses to the green technology revolution by Nigeria’s petroleum industry; Deciding on a new template and business module in a green technology economy; and Strategy for cleaning up the polluted environment and planning for a sustainable green future economy.

According to the organizers, with the conference opened to collaboration by stakeholders, state governments can make a case for grasping the eventuality of post-hydrocarbon economy and be pro-active about alternative investment strategy for the future, agencies and development commissions can redefine their roles in a future that will be less reliant on oil by spearheading the drive towards alternative energy source.

“Corporate entities in the hydrocarbon industry can make concerted effort to prepare for the future. Therefore, in addition to the immediate strategic opportunities of developing entirely new relationships with participating audience, the benefits and cost of this  partnership is structured to maximise the advantages of partners to be able to derive optimum opportunities at a relative cost from this unique platform into the future,” the organizers said.

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