FG Blame Religious Bodies For Fueling Crises

Moses Ofodeme

The presidency on Thursday, October 22, laid blame on religious organizations and some sections of the media for promoting messages of hate in the country.

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, Femi Adesina, said this in a statement titled: “If Nigeria Dies, Hatred Killed Her.”

Adesina also described the #EndSARS movement as a vehicle of hate messages.

He added that many churches and mosques used the #EndSARS campaign to spread messages of hate as well as division in the country.

According to him, “The #EndSARS campaign began as an agitation against Police brutality, in which there was unanimity of purpose. And suddenly, it became a vehicle of hate. Against leadership, against national cohesion, an opportunity to settle political scores, and equally prepare for a power grab in 2023. Hatred came into the mix.

“When things boil over in graphic demonstration of hatred, it is a culmination of negative sentiments and tendencies. They come in persistent negative postings on social media, which generate and also stimulate hate.

“From hateful messages from the pulpit; as if that was the message of love Jesus Christ handed over to his followers. From unduly critical messages during jumat services.

“From radio and television programs; in which bile is spewed. From talk shows which become a harangue of government; newspaper articles; as well as columns tailored to instigate and generate dissent, and the like.

“Eventually, all cumulate in hatred, which finds expression in genuine causes like the #EndSARS campaign. When things boil over, they leave sorrow, tears, as well as blood in their wake, as we have seen. And who suffers? The whole country. Who bleeds? Nigeria.”

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