FG Gives Airlines Deadlines to Automate Payment Of 5% Ticket/Cargo Sales Charges


The federal government in a bid to end airline indebtedness to aviation agencies on the 5% ticket / cargo charges has given 1ST January 2017 as the final date for commercial airlines operating in the country to automate their remittance / payment systems to ensure transparency, accurate billing and payments made to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in line with the NCARs 2015, vol.2, part 18.12.5.

The NCARs states thus; “all domestic and international airlines operating in Nigeria shall forward to the Authority through an electronic platform provided by the Authority, all relevant documents such as flown coupons, passenger or cargo manifest, air waybills, load sheets, clients’ service invoices and other documents necessary for accurate billing within forty – eight (48) hours after each flight”.


This final directive is as a result of series of consultations held with the airlines in regard to joining the automation platform for the collection of 5% ticket, cargo and charter sales charges on the airline operations, the statement says.

The airlines by this directive are requested to join the platform on or before 1st of January 2017 or face appropriate sanctions. They are also further mandated to work with First Bank of Nigeria FBN / AVITECH (NCAA Consultant) for the purpose of immediate implementation.


However, the NCAA has the mandate of the federal government to ensure strict compliance of the airline and hence the Authority calls on the airlines to comply accordingly to avoid its sledge hammer.

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