FG Regrets Bishop Kuka’s Statement To US Congress

Joseph Bakare

The Federal Government has regretted the position of Bishop Matthew Kukah, on the situation in the country which he presented before the United States Congress.

Malam Garba Shehu, Spokesperson in the Presidency on Sunday, July 18, advised Kukah to be more positive in his presentations so as not to sow seed of discord and strife among Nigerians.

Shehu, however, described Kukah’s opinion before the US Congress as personal and not opinions held by the majority of Nigerians.

According to him, religious leaders who preach respect for the truth have a duty to practice it; and it is a moral as well as practical responsibility to stand up publicly for the truth.

Continuing he said: ”There is no place in mainstream civil discourse for those who actively, negatively, and publicly label an individual ethnic group, especially before a foreign audience.

”These are not the views expressed or opinions held by the vast majority of the citizens of Nigeria.

”For all our challenges as a nation, nearly all of us seek to live together in harmony; celebrating differences; and finding a common ground as Nigerians above all.

”But people like Kukah are doing their best to sow discord and strife among Nigerians.

”More than any other set of people, leaders – in politics or religion who preach respect for truth have a duty to practice it. It is a moral and practical responsibility.

”Going by the history of the Church as is well known; it will stand up publicly for the truth.

”It is time others did the same.”

Kukah, has continuously been consistent on foreign mission statement in the US which is familiar Shehu said, adding it has been part of overseas political tours that opposition politicians take; visiting foreign leaders and legislators in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.”

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