Filth Poses Disease Spread At Lagos Police Headquarters


Hyacinth Chinweuba

There is palpable fear of spread of disease that may lead to escalation of COVID-19 pandemic as human wastes and filth is practically submerging the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters at Ikeja.

Investigation by Oriental News Nigeria early this week reveals that several police officers of the rank and file and those of superior ranks, are scare-stiffed about the unhealthy presence of faeces, urine and nauseating elements at an uncompleted building sandwiched by the police canteen and the Mosque.

This ugly situation, a source disclosed is as a result of several policemen posted to the state with no provision for  accommodation.

A source told our Correspondent that such officers have no option than to hang around the command headquarters pending when they will secure accommodation.

And in hanging around, since they have no toilet and urinary facilities for their convenience, they just have to answer the call of nature anywhere, coincidentally turning the headquarters into harbinger of COVID -19 Pandemic in Lagos.

A senior officer who pleaded anonymity said if the current management of the state police has hastened the construction work on the proposed toilet and urinary facilities, such incidence would not have happened.

A visit by our Correspondent to the place reveals the presence of faeces and urine around the perimeter near the Police Food Canteen and the command Mosque.

Some of the officers who pleaded anonymity are of the opinion that if the deplorable situation is not checked, COVID- 19 pandemic causalities in the state would be a child’s play compared to what will happen soon, when the outbreak matures.

“The smell from that area is being felt within the canteen arena. We don’t really comprehend why it’s taking the authority to act”, said a superior officer who craved for anonymity.

A rank and file officer told Oriental News Nigeria, that officers of the command have abandoned the police canteen for nearby ‘Mama Put’ (local canteen) because of the fear of epidemic.

Contacted, the state police spokesman, Mr Bala Elkana, a Superintendent of police, SP, said he was not aware of the nature of the place. He however promised to go round and see things for himself.

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