Igbomina is a major Ethnic distinction among the various tribes we have in Yoruba Land. We are in Osun and Kwara State of Nigeria as peaceful Law abiding citizen whose life slogan are hard work, peace and integrity common to all children of Oodua Descendants.

Igbomina people occupied three Local Government Areas of Kwara State, strategically located in the Kwara South. Those are Ifelodun Local Government Area, Irepodun Local Government Area and Isin Local Government Area, The predominant economic activities here include farming, intercommunity trading activities, in which people converge from far and near on market days. Our young boys and girls are also involved in intercommunity hawking to complement family source of income.

However farming remained foremost of our economic activities that has become endangered, arising from mindless criminality, impunity and waton destruction of crops and human lives right on our Ancestral soil. We have had occasions these gang of heartless strangers killed our people+` in the broad day light on a particular marked day in Oro-Ago Town for instance.

We have series of reports of herdsmen chasing out our farmers out of their farm, for daring to challenge them for feeding their beasts with their source of living.

Worrisome enough, the herdsmen have appeared to make it a vogue to array themselves with terribly sharpened cutlasses, assault, walking sticks, and of course Assault rifles both on market days even when coming for Jumat prayers on Friday. This intimidation and threat appeared worst on the farms as these strangers exhbit no reservation to make their beast comfortable to the sorrow of our farmers even to the point of terminating lives. All of the above had been our routine experiences to the extent, that herdsmen had taken over our forest and farm land; with our people living in fear of being kidnapped, hack down and our mother raped to stupor each day. Our economic Activity is partially locked down.

With the above background, the National Body of Omo Ibile Igbomina with all her formations have been on consultations on the bid to arrest the ugly development.

The National President of Omo Ibile Igbomina ENGR. TIMOTHY NIYI ADEBAYO Fnse, and his executive members have been working Day and Night to ensure harmony and peace remain our permanent trade mark in Igbomina Land. Our Traditional Rulers, the first class, Youth & Student body are not left out.

All of a sudden on the 29th of January, 2021 we heard the news of arrival of uninvited army of more dreaded herdsmen wild and verocious than those we had been trying to manage. They came in six (6) fleets of trailers to Igbomina Land.

Thank God for the vigilante-patriots who intercepted them at the wee-hour of the day at a point between Buari and Okerimi Oro.

Our people’s reaction had been spontaneous and responsible Women’ Farmers Association in Oro had stormed the palace of Oloro of Oro to find lasting solution to the menace of the unwanted strangers.

Our investigations have revealed these late night unsolicited visitors are alledged to have been responsible for the most criminal activities scuh as killing, robbery, raping and waton destruction of farm land where they operate. These people who were driven out from the South West States of Osun, Ogun, Ekiti and Oyo State; could not and will not be allowed to use any part of Igbomina Land as  their new abode. Igbomina will not concede an inch of her land to these unwanted visitors.

We have it on good authority that these exodus of destroyers are the disciples and foot soldiers of the displaced Seriki Fulani of Igangan (SALIHU ABDULAKDIR) in Ibarapa Local Government of Oyo State, chased out by Osha Sunday Igboho but comtemplate making our soil the next seat of his reign of terror. Uptill this press time, “They are still occupying Buari-Okerimi Oro Bundary Illegally.

It is of note to report here, “Buari Community, home and Diaspora says no to the settlement of Fulani Herdsmen in their territory as we are not comfortable with their presence”.

Our fears arising from this pointed sad commentary include recrrent clashes of Fulani Herdsmen with our farmers, thereby destroying their main source of income.

Kidnaping for ransome, which had been their life line cannot be ruled out. Termination of human live to keep Cow and Sheep fat and alive may escalate.

Rapping of our mothers and daughters may assume an epidemic proportion. Forceful taking over of our land, our Acestral inheritance and our future appear to be ultimate as their motive for their forceful occupation.

In view of the above, it is our resolution our community remains peaceful, Law abiding but alert to security threats. Strangers should spontaneously be reported to our traditional rulers and if unresolved to the security Agencies.

Let our people go to the farm as a team and avoid staying late on the farm talkless of doing a lone ranger farming. Since security of lives and property is cardinal to Government responsibilities to the Citizens, we advice the Government to do the needful to forstall a situation in which we resort to self defence.

In the light of the foregoings, we hereby call on every community in Igbomina Land to resist the influx of these herdsmen into their various communities. They are simply not wanted in Igbomina Land. On the same score we call on our Royal Fathers to ensure that none of our towns and villages harbours these unwanted guests.

Finally, the National President of Omo Ibile Igbomina, ENGR. TIMOTHY NIYI ADEBAYO Fnse, and his team had endorsed the resolution of our people to the effect that;

We have no gracing land in Igbomina land for the dreadful Fulani, Herdsmen who go about their daily business with Assault Riffles, A.K. 47,  Combat walking sticks and razor-sharp cultlasses, admist our peace loving citizens of Igbomina Land.



National Publicity & Social Secretary of Omo Ibile Igbomina.

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