Godwin Maduka’s Philanthropism Transforming Lives In  Anambra State 


 The consistent call by who is who in Anambra state beckoning a seemingly private achiever who has touched lives in Anambra state is now throwing spotlight on Dr. Godwin Maduka whose fame is about re-engineering the political structure of the state. YEMISI IZUORA here examines the positive impact of his philanthropism and People oriental projects execution.


Dr. Godwin Maduka (The Lion of Africa), by every standard either by personal achievements, big heart which has rendered monumental free services to large underserved people of the state is arguably one of the most outstanding resource person in Igboland. 

He is by every measure a man of modest disposition, who has significantly made his presence felt by his landmark people-oriented projects. 

His professional acumen and ingenuity dwarfs the feeble posturings of his contemporaries. 

Across Nigeria, Maduka is seen as he is truly seen is a self-made man of inestimable honour and a brand you can take to the bank. 

But despite his elevated, profound and dedicated patriotism to his people, he still maintains a respectable distance from the sinister and mischievous machinations associated with Anambra polities. 


But his overwhelming desire to improve on the well being of Anambraians can only find expression if he considers it a sacred duty to get actively involved in the state’s political process. 

Among the electorate who have spoken to Oriental News Nigeria, it will be unwise for him to remain an outsider looking in. 

According to them, “With the uninspiring socio-economic realities playing out in the state, there is a compelling need for resource superstars like him to come on board and get our nuts out of the fire. 

The state needs an ingenuous gladiator who is versed in workable, sustainable stratagems and ideals that will galvanize the state to greater heights. 

Anambra state has a dire and urgent need of a trailblazer with the right mindset, motivation and potential to steer the state onto the path of progress and glory. 

We can no longer put up with mediocre leaderships who saddle the state with innocuous, uninspiring, ambivalent policies that retrogresses the state. 

We do not need leaders who seek convenient scapegoats for their unmitigated failures.”, a coordinated group of young Anambrarians said of him.

Also, Dr. Maduka Coalition of Support Groups, made of various professional bodies across the local government areas of the state have expressed concern about state of infrastructure and development in the state, and are of the view that Maduka possesses the qualities, strength, vigor, ideas, connection that can help in transforming the state.

Should Maduka consider these clarion calls by major stakeholders in the state it would by every consideration that Anambra may return to truly become the Light Of The Nation.

Various groups for the first time is overwhelmingly calling on this young entrepreneur Chief Godwin Maduka, fondly and popularly named The lion of Africa, to accept the patriotic challenge to lead Anambra State out of the woods. 

They have called on him to step into this responsibility in view of the yearnings of the people for positive leadership and their belief in him as the man ordained by God to make Anambra State truly the Light of the Nation. 

Oriental News Nigeria, will in the next couple of editions examine his philosophy and philanthropic interventions that stands him out.

His admirers have asked him to see the plea as a call to serve a people who are in dire straits and seemingly irredeemable crossroads. Disdaining this solemn appeal will be a disservice to the fatherland that may prove most unfortunate, they opined.

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