Gumi Asks FG To Submit To Demands Of Armed Fulani Bandits To Get Peace

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Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has asked the Federal Government to consider addressing many demands of the Fulani bandits terrorizing the country so as to achieve peace.

The Cleric kicked against the use of force in the fight against what he called a typical insurgency in the North.

Gumi made the comment after his five-day visit to bandits’ and Fulani settlements in Zamfara State.

According to the Cleric, the huge financial resources spent in the fight against insecurity in the region could have been used to address the needs of armed Fulani.

“Such billions would be more than enough if judiciously used to address all the demands of the armed Fulani; including providing them with basic amenities; training them; and providing them with the needed capital,” he added.

He said most of the Fulani had lost all their possessions as a result of cattle rustling; and instances of extortion by some corrupt security agents.

Gumi, who toured the forest near Daki Takwas, called on the Fulanis to lay down their arms and avoid bloodshed.

He further assured them that Governor Bello Matawalle’s was sincerely committed; and would address their grievances.

Gumi also promised that he would do everything within his capability to convey their concerns and demands to President Muhammadu Buhari.

He also stated that he would be in constant touch with the Zamfara State Government; to ensure that there was no breach of the agreement from either side.

Before embarking on his tour of the forest, Gumi and his team paid homage to the Emir of Gusau, Alhaji Ibrahim Bello, at his palace in the state capital; where he told the emir some of the grievances of the armed Fulani, including periodic attacks on them.

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  1. Gumi and his cohort should stop deceiving themselves and thinking they’re deceiving Nigerians, let me answer this question if he’s sincere about this hypocrite peace move with their Islamic foot soldiers referring to as bandits, which security agent is extorting them that makes them loose their resources? Cow rustling can be a bit accepted in this if not totally ruse because no one can rustling cow in southern part of the country if not they who knows about cattle rearing, likewise no security agent in Nigeria can dare to extort people with sophsicated weapons when he/she is not mad, my point here is that you people knows what you’re all doing, you created them that’s why you know where to look for them, you know their plans and grievances that’s why you gone to preach peace maybe you and your fellow expansionist renege on the initial bargaining or mutual understanding you reach with them that’s why they are angry, still maybe they’re foreigners you exported as it was claimed in some quarters to assist in your conquest but things failed between you and them and you people are not trying to bring in the whole country resources to clean up your mess you created, well it’s now glaring what your kind plans are as for the southern part we are all ready to defend our territories with all everything we have, if the fulani want peace they should embrace peace by moving back with their cattles to where they’re coming from and respect the culture and traditional of the Southerners, you don’t force people to accept you if you’re not wanted, let their madness remain in the north and let the peace we enjoyed in the south remain

  2. Cyprain ugochukwu Nnadi

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    I can’t believe this, you say this man is clergyman, do they think we are all stupid? In a sane clime he should be arrested

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