HEDA Urges Action Against Corruption In Nigeria

Yemisi Izuora 

The Human and Environmental Development Agenda, HEDA, has warned stakeholders especially government institutions not to be negligence in the discharge of their responsibilities with regard to president Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption in the country.

HEDA said the warning has become imperative given deluge of cases of corruption involving high profile persons in the country.

Addressing the media at the weekend in Lagos, chairman of the organisation Olarenwaju Suraju, identified corruption as a major setback and which has remained one of the most vicious crimes against Nigerians.

Suraju, observed that in spite of the efforts of the Federal Government, corruption remains a stubborn stain, unrelenting, audacious and determined to drag Nigeria into the cesspool of ignominy.

“We need to remind Nigerians on the negative consequences of stealing public funds by people entrusted with administration of affairs. Corruption fuels poverty, it nurtures violence, breeds extremism and infact aids premature deaths.”, he said.

Suraju, added that any country ravaged by corruption can never attain the development goals set by global standards, adding that a country troubled by corruption face the prospect of misery and even war, and said it was because of its attendant consequences that the fight against corruption is not a government franchise, but the responsibility and obligation of all Nigerians.

“This philosophy is behind the ceasless campaign of HEDA locally and abroad. We are determined, with a will cast in iron to continue to lead the campaign and provide hope for many disillusioned Nigerians who fear that the battle against corruption may never be won.

For HEDA, we are impressed by the gains of the past few years and with the continuous support of Nigerians, especially the media, we are confident that corruption will be brought down from her giant posture.

Corruption is a scourge Nigerians have been fighting since independence. This is a menace that keeps Nigeria in the red light district of global affairs. We are not relenting. We shall not give up.  We will kill corruption before it kills all of us.” he said.

Giving some instances, he recalled that the Special Presidential Investigation Panel for Recovery of Public Property (SPIP), recently arrested the Director, Corporate Services, Petroleum Equalization Fund, PEF, over allegations of corrupt enrichment as he was living beyond his legitimate earnings and abuse of office. He said that this arrest is just a tip of the iceberg in the gory tales of corruption at the PEF and that HEDA has been following the trend with diligent probe.

Suraju, said that so far the investigation has revealed more than three accounts in Standard Chartered Bank Limited where the suspect has nearly N2 billion. 

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