Hotelier Breaks Police Seal Reopens Hotel 


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Less than one month after the mysterious death of a popular Nollywood actor, Ernest Asuzu, in a notorious hotel called  ‘New Spot  One’, after an alleged sex romp with a  resident commercial sex worker, the hotel manager and his  prophet,  have dared the authority of Lagos State Police command, by breaking the police seal on the hotel premises and reopened for business.                                                                                                              It would be recalled that the Popular Actor’s death on January 26th, 2021, was shrouded in an unexplained secrecy, until recently when our undercover investigators stumbled on facts suggesting that  he actually died in the course of a romp with a  resident commercial sex worker identified as Emmanuella Daniel with mobile telephone numbers – 09012026214 , in the popular New Spot One hotel, located at Fagbile  Estate, Ijegun area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that shortly after the late Asuzu died during the sex romp with  Emmanuella, the Manager of the hotel identified as Daniel Okorie, who is also a  Musician,  had quickly with the help of one  Prophet Chimezie,  ‘a resident prophet and  Daniel’s godfather’, moved the deceased,  who was said to be naked only covered with his sperm stained boxer shorts, to Igando  General hospital, where he was said to have been confirmed as ‘BID’, meaning Brought In Dead.                                                                                                  To cover  his track, the  Manager was said to have contacted Isheri  Osun  police Station and reported that one of his customer had slumped.

Reliable inside sources also revealed that the Manager also contacted the deceased wife,  Jennifer, with the Actor’s mobile telephone,  and Jennifer  had rushed to the hospital in the company of her Church pastor,( Names withheld ), who was accompanied by his three mobile police Excort,  that  subsequently helped in arresting  the manager of the hotel,  the “killer” sex worker  Emmanuella and took them to DPO Aswani police Division, where the  DPO was said to have contacted the Isheri Osun Police Station DPO,  SP Oluwole Oyedele , and both suspects were transferred to Isheri Osun Division.

A police source confirmed that the  Divisional Crime Officer,  SP Maximus, who visited the hospital on investigation, had tried all police tricks in the book but was unable to compel  Deceased wife Jennifer, to come over to the station and write statement to help police investigation.                                                                                                        Following the unwillingness of  Jennifer to cooperate with the police,  the  DPO  was said to have briefed his Boss, the  Commissioner of Police,  Lagos,  CP  Hakeem Odumosu,  who was said to have swung into action and ordered the sealing of the hotel premises.

It was the sealed hotel premises that some concerned residents who are worried by unpleasant activities,  including drug dealing and prostitution said to be going on in the hotel, complained that the Manager, Daniel Okorie and Prophet  Chimezie, dared  CP Odumosu directives, and  broke the  police seal  on Feburary 11, 2021, reopening fully for business.                                                                              Some Journalists on the Crime  beat,  who visited the hotel on investigation on February  24th , 2021, where reported to have been attacked, detained and held hostage by the Manager and prophet Chimezie, for over four hours, until one Bishop Anthony Chidi intervened and  secured their release.                                                  It was learnt that SOS  alert sent to the DPO Isheri Osun and the  Police Public Relations Officer, was not responded to,  as at the time of the Journalists release. However, a later response  from the DPO,  urged the Journalists to escape from the  crime prone environment for their safety.                                                                                                      Our investigation also revealed that the hotel is not new to  such similar occurrences and controversy,  as the same hotel  in May, 2020, was stormed at by police operatives led by the then isheri osun DPO , CSP Chike Ibe,  and the  Director, Chief Henry Egbuonwu, wife Salome, Manager and over two hundred fun seekers and  staff were said to have been Nabbed for disobeying the  Federal Government and state Governments COVID 19 Lockdown guidelines and some untoward activities.

The fall out of that incident, our findings indicated, led to the redeployment of CSP Ibe.                                                                                  However,  the Manager and the commercial sex worker were earlier released  on bail by the Police at Isheri Oshun Division and she escaped and had been on the run, suspected to have continued her business in a hotel at Bucknor area, Ijegun.

While narrating his own side of the story,  the  Manager, had stated thus:  “I am Okorie Daniel,  I am the  manager of the New Spot One  hotel, Fagbile Estate,  Ijegun,  Lagos. On Tuesday being 26th January, 2021, I had a  lodger named  Emmanuella Daniel, with phone number, 09012026214, who came to lodge and she said her boyfriend named Ernest Asuzu was coming to meet her. After some minutes the boyfriend, who was Asuzu, came and they went inside the room. They reportedly engaged in sex before Asuzu became unconscious and slumped.

“However, at about 8:30pm Emmanuella rushed and told me that her boyfriend Asuzu had slumped, unconscious and was about to give up.I came  and with the lady rushed him to Isolo General Hospital, where the doctors battled to save his life.

“During the emergency at the hospital, the wife, Jennifer, called Asuzu’s number and Emmanuella picked the call; she told the wife everything that happened,  how they went to the hotel and were having sex before her husband collapsed during the act and where they were trying to revive him at the hospital.

“The agitated wife later came with her Pastor. But by then the doctors had started giving him drips in order to revive him. After about 20 minutes, he gave up the ghost and was moved to the mortuary for autopsy report.

“I the manager of the hotel, reported to the Police at Isheri Oshun Division, and was instructed by the DPO , to bring the girl Emmanuella for interrogation and I  went to the hospital .

“However, when i got to the hospital, Ernest Asuzu was already dead. As a result, both I  and Emmanuella were arrested by the  Excort that came with the Pastor and detained at Aswani Police Station in Isolo before we  were later transferred to Isheri Oshun Division for investigation the next day, around 3.30am on wednesday, January 27th, 2021.

“The Police DPO subsequently shut and sealed the hotel for proper investigation on what might have caused the death of late Asuzu. The next day, he told me that we were going to see the  CP, when we got there at ikeja,  CP was not on seat  and they took me back to  cell. Finally  on Friday,  we went back to ikeja and DPO said he has seen the  CP , and that  I should call my Director’s  Lawyer to meet us at the  Station. They  demanded  N150,000  but  I insisted on paying N100,000 and they collected it and released me and Emmanuella  but still  refused to open my hotel.  I called the  real wife of the dead man and she said she instructed them to release us and that she doesn’t want the case because we tried helping the man before he died, that he didn’t die in the hotel  and still they have refused to open it,  Okorie concluded”.

But along the line, it was gathered that the wife may have been sorted out by the hotel , as she disengaged from the matter and said that she does not want any case further.

It was not certain if there was an autopsy report of what would have been the possible cause of his death but the hotel has since resumed their normal business in the area.

The late actor, Asuzus’ medical bills was said to have been paid by the  Anambra State Governors wife, when he came down with a stroke in 2015, which affected his speech. He was also bedridden for three years. This affected his acting career and he was off the screen for many years.

Asuzu began his acting career in the ’90s and rose to prominence after he starred in the 1997 Nollywood classic, ‘Rituals’Apart from acting, he was also a musician with the name El Cream. He was said to have released a new song,  assisted by the hotel  manager,  who also is a musician. He is survived by his wife and two children.

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