How Nigeria Youth Scammed $50,000 From US COVID-19 Scheme

Richard Ginika Izuora

A Nigerian fraudster known as Mayowa has openly admitted to fraudulently stealing thousands of dollars from the United States COVID-19 pandemic welfare scheme.

Mayowa, a Nigerian student, made the disclosure under the cover of partial anonymity in an interview with USA Today.

He admitted to have made as much as $50,000 from the US COVID-19 pandemic welfare system so far.

Mayowa, who took his interviewers through the process, described it as easy money. He revealed that all he had to do was make a list of real people. Armed with this, he searches through available databases of hacked information for their Social Security numbers and birthdates.

“Once we have that information, it’s over. It’s easy money,” Mayowa told USA Today.

He admitted that he doesn’t hit gold on each occasion. However, he disclosed that his success rate is very high – average of one successful payout in every six claim attempts.

A report by the US Department of Labour reveals that a whopping $36 billion has been lost to fraudsters who take advantage of lax verification and the pressing need to support unemployed Americans to siphon COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

The scam is easy to perpetrate, especially considering the fact that in most states; very little information is required to file for unemployment and trigger COVID-19 welfare support.

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