If you are an experienced bettor, there is little doubt that you have heard about betting strategies. If you want to bet to win, you have to do things in a more focused and strategic way than casual bettors. One of the most important things to make use of is a betting strategy,

The hype around betting strategies is loud but the fact is that a lot of them are rubbish and do not actually win you anything.  If you want to win money as a bettor, you need a tested and trusted betting strategy. Here are some of the top ones:


Here are four trusted betting strategies guaranteed to help you win big:

₦ 1.2 MILLION FROM ₦1000

This strategy has twenty-seven steps. It requires ₦1000 and will earn you ₦1.2 million if you are patient and dedicated.

The idea is that every week, you are expected to source out games that carry 1.30 odds. This strategy requires patience and waiting. You are not expected to try to rush to the finish line. Rather you are expected to pause and move slowly in order to make it to the last leg. If you are able to stake ₦1,000 on 1.3 odds and win, you will have ₦1,300. If you in turn stake that, you will have ₦1690. If you go down that pattern 27 times with the initial ₦1000, you will make ₦1,191,693. Of course, it goes without saying that it isn’t easy and that you will have to do enough work. One bad move can spoil your work. This is why you should combine this strategy with the next one.


Correct score predictors are heaven on earth for bettors. Correct score predictors actually give tips and betting predictions for upcoming matches. While they are not always correct, good ones have a high percentage of accuracy. If you use this with the ₦ 1.2 MILLION FROM ₦1000 strategy, you are on the right path.



This strategy is very common. It involves getting two odds that are very likely and betting heavy money on them to double them. Getting the odds is the hard part and this is where using a predictor will give you an edge. Two odds are not that common compared to other odds. If you are not ready to stake high amounts, stick to other strategies. Or bet on two odds with a low stake but keep turning the money around.



Lastly, this option has less security but is great for you if you do not have large amounts ready to stake. Try gathering smaller games that are so sure that their odds are low. When you gather such games, you can either:

  •         Stake high amounts so you can cash out at once

·         Stake low amounts and keep turning around until your money is enticing enough.

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