IDC Rates Zadara High Among Key Market Competitors

Yemisi Izuora

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has rated Zadara’s enterprise data storage model of “Pay Only for What You Use,” as Unique, among competitors in the markets.

The IDC is a global provider of market intelligence for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.

It was learned that IT professionals, business executives, and the investing community uses IDC analysis to make fact based technology decisions in order to achieve their business objectives.

IDC, in its May 2020 markets analysis of modern enterprise data storage services and solutions, said that it found Zadara’s model unique among other companies offering data storage solutions.

In the report ‘ Five Factors Driving Enterprise Data Storage as a Service Adoption in 2020’, Andrew Smith, Research Analyst at IDC, said that Zadara’s model is unique, in terms of the company’s comprehensive support, worldwide coverage, and serving the services providers .

“Zadara’s model is unique in its focus on providing the most complete, fully managed storage services possible.

Cloud services provider offerings span a wide range of capabilities from white glove services to bare-bones provisioning.

“Zadara goes to market with a model that is focused on providing full-service storage solutions all the way to the application layer.

“To do so, Zadara delivers the following key capabilities, which IDC believes differentiate Zadara from its competitors,” he said.

The services are:

» Comprehensive support. Zadara provides its own, first-party support services to all customers. These support teams are staffed by engineers who operate the storage and are dedicated to understanding each customer’s

unique deployment and specific requirements. Customers have near-direct access to these support teams, which operate 24 x 7.

» Worldwide coverage. Many managed services providers focus on a specific geography to provide tailored services

within a limited region or country. Zadara operates globally with approximately 250 datacenters dispersed across 6

continents. The vendor ships hardware to all customer premises and colocation facilities and maintains and upgrades these assets at the customer’s request. This global, managed presence helps Zadara differentiate itself by

meeting customer requirements for data sovereignty and multiregion support.

» Serving the services providers. Zadara’s architecture of managed storage services positions the company as a valuable partner for cloud services providers selling secondary storage solutions for disaster recovery, archive, and backup as a service. IDC tracks these segments closely in what we call the data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) market.

In view of the uniqueness of Zadara’s products, the Analyst urged the company to embrace customers education.
Zadara’s challenge is to continue to attract and educate customers at the ” buy ” end of the spectrum by conveying the benefits of managed infrastructure services – as opposed to the lower cost, more” do it yourself ” alternatives readily available, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Zadara’s partner in Nigeria is Unitellas International. The Lagos -based company has Smith Osemeke as its Director of Africa Business.

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