Insecurity: CLO Cautions Federal Government, Urges Citizens To Be On Alert 

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Yemisi Izuora 

The Civil Liberty Organization, CLO, has raised concerns over increasing threat to life and property of Nigerians by security agencies and ally groups such as the Fulani Herdsmen saying the environment may no longer safe in the near future if the scourge is not contained.

The Organization noted that the ongoing gross abuse of the law, intimidation of the Law making and judicial arms of the government, unprovoked invasion of the communities resulting in massive losses of human lives and property, corruption, hunger, joblessness, rising cost of living and attacks on sitting governors and other voices of dissent have grave implications for democracy and human rights.

According to a statement by executive director of the CLO, Ohabuenyi Ezike, It is agonizing that all the gains Nigeria has made in the last few years have been rubbished and dustbinned by the odious events of the last three years this government came to power. 

Citizens who went to court to seek redress against abuse of their fundamental rights and liberties and who secured orders of the court to do so have been refused freedom. 

The statement added that the National Assembly has been invaded and desecrated with the Maze of the Senate whisked away while its members have severally been terrorized, their rights abused and publicly insulted without basis. 

It said that Nigerians have witnessed, for the first time in history, the theory of padded Budgets under this regime, recall of sacked corrupt officers to office, theft of items and money donated to IDPs and refusal to prosecute the culprits, utter neglect for the National Assembly resulting in expenditure of billions of Naira without appropriation and retention of public office holders not approved by the law makers in office, attempt to plunder the returned $322 million Abacha loot without recourse to appropriation and other tiers of government, the $25 billion NNPC scandal and the N500 million MTN bribe scandal involving the Chief of Staff to Mr. President among others.

“Since the inception of this government, Fulani herdsmen have declared unprovoked war against farmers and communities in Nigeria. Conservatively, tens of thousands of lives and property worth billions of US Dollars have been destroyed. Apart from homes, farms and places of worship have also been attacked during which time lives were lost. 

Above all, Miyetti Allah, the umbrella organization of Cattle Rearrers Association had been threatening war in Nigeria if they were not allowed to establish Cattle ranch across Nigeria. 

The statement further noted that only recently, the South East governors passed a resolution against establishing ranches in the zone, and in response, the Miyetti Allah directed its members to move into Igbo land to wreck havocs in the territory in retaliation. 

“This association has been addressing the media and making open threats to run down communities and claiming responsibilities for mayhem in certain communities that have been attacked. Unfortunately, no arrest has been made nor has Buhari administration cautioned the group. In the reverse, the Presidency had threatened any people who refuse to offer their land for ranches with death”, it said.

The CLO therefore called  for caution on the side of the Presidency, urging it to be restraint in the way it makes statements that are capable of pushing Nigerians to the wall and inciting a national crisis that could jeopardise human rights. 

The Organization also condemned the assault on governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state and calls on the National Assembly to demand the sack of the Inspector General of Police and other heads of security formations in Nigeria who have abused their offices and have betrayed the trust reposed in them before the conduct of the 2019 national elections.

“We demand the arrest and prosecution of the leaders of Miyetti Allah organization before they lead Nigeria to avoidable war.

On the position of international community on the crisis in Nigeria, CLO notes with dismay, the dormant posture adopted by it (the international community) in condemning these heinous crimes perpetrated by the government and its agencies against the Nigerian peoples. 

Such position adopted by the international community in not condemning the atrocities taking place in Nigeria and calling the terror regime to order is dangerous and condemnable. 

In line with the above, CLO enjoins the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, the European Union, the United States, United Kingdom etc to act timeously by calling President Buhari to order in order to help arrest the impending implosion that may trouble the entire world if let loose”, the statement warned.

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