JTAH Honours Chief Superintendent Of Police Oriyomi Titilayo Olusanmi

Hyacinth Chinweuba

Jashabel Touch A Heart Foundation (JTAH), has extended award of excellence to Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP)  Oriyomi Titilayo Olusanmi.

The officer was honoured during the annual national women and girl-child stakeholders conference which held in Lagos recently with the theme: stimulating the minds: the Nexus between education & the empowerment of the girl-child. 

According to Mrs. Favour Benson, the convener of JTAH, “When you gave birth to a male child you just created a family but when you gave birth to a female child you created a nation, we women need to come back where we belong, as we are about to change the narrative of Nigeria women and the girl-child of the 2019 edition of the national women stakeholders conference”.

In Mrs. Benson’s words “let me say the risk of offending our men that all of us women in this country are dying in silence, you may not agree with me 100% because you don’t want to shake this same tables in a men dominated world but that’s why JTAH and some stakeholders has decided to put this conference together, is very tough for every woman in this part of the world, we as the bedrock of the society need to come come out from our shells and assume our rightful position in our society”

“let us inspire ourselves to greater things in life by changing our own thinking because we need to build the right future for ourselves and girls-child, the world depends on us, please women let us reach the gender gap, let us come together and fight child abuse, let us come together and fight sexual abuse, let’s come together and end domestic abuse, let’s give qualitative education to our girl-child” She concluded.

Responding, CSP Oriyomi Titilayo Olusanmi said “How I’m doing is the way I used to do it, they only chose to love me because of the way I do my things, if by chance you to come to my office, you will see a lot of awards, base on people just keep recommending me, because they love what I do because I’m passionate about what I do”

Speaking further Olusanmi, said, “We shouldn’t see a girl child in another form from a boy child, we should train them equally like police, if you go to academy, they train us equally, female carry gun, male carry gun”

God is my strength. I believe in the blessings of God. He blesses the works of people who keep their hands clean. I am the handmaid of God and He has instructed me to use my position as policewoman to restore sanity in any community where I find myself in the course of the job. Cracking down on crime involves a whole lot. It involves resources, cash, time and energy, which must be invested to produce results. I am always curious about things. As an intelligence officer, you must first study the jurisdiction properly. The training instilled in me is to be very confident in my abilities and believe that what a man can do, a woman can do it even better. 

Sometimes, I hear people say ‘she is a woman;’ but the training was able to provide me with what I needed to balance competing priorities and deal with demanding situations calmly and rationally. They call me Iron Lady because I dare where men cannot. What men could not do in Ilasamaja Division, I did it then, when I was the DPO. I have cleansed the area of armed robbery, kidnapping and the most worrisome problem, cultism. I fought these crimes to a standstill.

Whenever there is a societal menace, committed officers ensure they get involved even after delegating the jobs to other officers. They don’t go to sleep. The police is structured across administrative, authority and organisation. A leader must possess certain skills to ensure the job is effective.”

He said dedication has been part of his passion in doing his job and that he has won several awards because of his passion for his job.

“I was the D.P.O that discovered the oil well in ilasa but they bribe me I refused, that’s what made me different because I’m passionate of what I do. I was first discovered from traffic before I was moved to crime world, people don’t even know I can do crime, one thing about me once I have been given a task I already want to get the best out of it. I was given the best anti crime police officer in West Africa, that’s security watch Africa, and I was also given the best traffic officer in Nigeria, so wherever you put me I do the best.”

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