Kidnapper Of Lebanese Sailors Make Financial Demand

Richard Ginika Izuora

Kidnappers of three Lebanese sailors and other crew members of a vessel off the coast of Nigeria have made contact demanding huge ransom to get them released

This was disclosed by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

The Lebanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Hossam Diab, revealed that the kidnappers had contacted head of Global Shipping Company Limited; operators of the vessel to make their demands.

The contact had spoken with the captain, the assistants, and two of the kidnapped Lebanese, all of whom were fine.

The Ministry say negotiations are continuing over the ransom amount demanded by the kidnappers.

Pirates operating off the coast of Nigeria had abducted three Lebanese sailors.

This was revealed by the Lebanon Ambassador, Diab.

Diab informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday that the commercial ship; which went missing somewhere between Nigeria and Cameroon, had been hijacked.

The ambassador disclosed that the pirates had released the ship and two sailors; adding that three Lebanese and five people of other nationalities are still among the hostages.

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