Kukah To Sultan: Point Out My Attack On Islam

Moses Ofodeme

The Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, on Tuesday, January 12, challenged the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) Secretary-General, Khalid Aliyu, to identify where he attacked Islam in his comment.

Kukah further explained he was ready to apologise; should Aliyu point out an offensive against Islam and Muslims in any of his statements and comments.

Kukah, threw the challenge in the aftermath of recent criticism by JNI over his Christmas homily.

Kukah said, “Dr Aliyu has accused me of being an enemy of his religion, Islam. He accused me of what he calls, firing an arrow at the heart of Islam and Muslims in Nigeria.

“He says I have been accorded respect and accommodated in Sokoto. And that I have turned around to bite a finger that has fed me.

“He poses a question. How can Muslims continue to be hospitable to one who proves to be an ingrate many times over? How can Muslims be comfortable in associating with a bitterly vindictive person disguised in the garb of a religious cleric?

“Finally, I will make only two points. First, my area of research is Religion, Politics and Society. I am concerned about how religion can help to form good citizens and also how the state can create an environment that enables citizens to achieve this.

“In all of my writings over the last forty or more years; I have never written a single paper or article on Islam as a religion. If there is any scholar anywhere who knows, let him or her say so.

“I will request Dr Aliyu as a matter of honour and based on the text of my sermon to formally identify where in my sermon I attacked Islam or all Muslims in Nigeria and the world according to him. I am more than happy to apologise for the offensive part of the statement.

“The relevant paragraphs in my sermon focused on the two painful themes of nepotism and the hemorrhaging of lives in our country; a fact that as I said, most religious leaders and statesmen and women have alluded to.

“How a critique of government policies suddenly becomes hatred of Islam and the north, beggars belief.

“I am therefore calling on Dr Aliyu to clarify and validate his accusations against me and advance the reasons why he should incite violence against me.

“I am unaware of anyone in Sokoto who has accused me of any misdemeanour or actions aimed at undermining the state or anyone, no least the faith of Islam.”

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